Suggestions For Getting Involved

written by Cavin Harper
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Suggestions for Getting Involved with Grandparents Day of Prayer:

  1. Ask your pastor and/or Senior Adult Ministry pastor to make an announcement challenging grandparents to pray for their grandchildren on Sept. 7.
  2. Order “Grandparents Day of Prayer” promotional bookmarks to distribute at your church and to your friends.
  3. Have a potluck after church for grandparents on Sept. 7 and with a prayer time for your grandchildren.
  4. Invite some of your friends who are grandparents to your home to join you in prayer for their grandchildren.
  5. Make Sept. 7 a special day of prayer as you pray for each of your grand children intentionally.
  6. Send your grandchildren a note to inform them that you will be praying for them individually on September 7, Grandparents Day of Prayer.
  7. Download and distribute Prayer Suggestions: “31Scriptures to Pray and Suggestions to Pray for Grandchildren in School.” These are available at or you can purchase the prayer cards on the website.
  8. Under “Free Downloads”, you may also download Bulletin Inserts, Press Release, Church Information Packet, and a Prayer Guide.
  9. Listen to the “Not On My Watch’ radio podcast with Cavin Harper, Executive Director of CGN interviewing Lillian Penner, the National Prayer Coordinator about Grandparents Day of Prayer.
  10. Check out 2012 Testimonials for ideas to share with your friends.
  11. If you serve a meal for grandparents I can send you a download for placemats that have “31 Scriptures to Pray for Your Grandchildren.” Email me at
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Free Downloads

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Step 4 – Pray

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Step 3 – Spread the Word

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