Christian Grandparenting Network recommended speakers.

Sherry Schumann

As President of Christian Grandparenting Network, Sherry Schumann has the privilege and joy of helping grandparents leave a legacy of faith in Jesus to their grandchildren and the generations following them. She is an author, blogger, and frequent speaker. She and her husband, Sammy, live in rural South Carolina, have three married sons and seven grandchildren.
Topics and Events offered by Sherry:
  1. The Nuts and Bolts of Godly Grandparenting Conference
  2. Unleashing the Power of Prayer Retreat
  3. Shepherding Your Grands According to the Twenty-Third Psalm Conference
  4. Grandmas’ Gathering Retreat

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Cavin Harper

Cavin is founder and current COO of Christian Grandparenting Network, and Founder/CEO of ElderQuest Ministries. Over the last twenty years he has been an author, blogger, radio host, podcaster, and speaker in more than thirty locations in the US, Canada, Grand Cayman, and New Zealand. He and his wife, Diane, live Colorado Springs, CO, have two daughters, and claim eleven grandchildren.

Topics and Speaking Engagements offered by Cavin:
  1. Courageous Grandparenting seminar
    This conference/seminar include five sessions exploring God’s call upon Christian grandparents to stay in the race, fight the good fight, and finish the race well so another generation may know the truth and walk in it. The five 45-minute sessions include: WAKE UP!-Building a Legacy That Matters; TAKE UP!-Two Pivotal Roles; BUILD UP!-Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing: GEAR UP!-Allies or Adversaries; STEP UP!-Take Back the Hill Country.
  2. Not On Our Watch Seminar
    According to Judges 2, we are reminded that within two generations after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, “there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord or the work that He had done for Israel.” Will we allow the same failure to tell another generation the praiseworthy deeds of God to happen on our watch? This five-session seminar includes these topics: A Prescription for the Elderitis Virus; The Issachar Factor; Technology, Truth, and Other Tough Topics; Five Non-Negotiable Roles (2 sessions).
  3. 3 Gen Men’s Retreat: (Fathers, Sons, Grandfathers)
    This two-night retreat is designed for grandfathers, adult sons (or sons-in-law), and grandsons. Besides lots of fun activities we will do together, we’ll explore what it means to be a man, a godly man, and a Christ-honoring family man. We’ll explore our family trees, unpack how our history shapes who we are, and examine God’s view of manhood versus how culture views it. Locations and dates will be announced.
  4. Your Lasting Will seminar
    Unlike a last will and testament or the typical living will that describes when we want to be unplugged, this seminar explores a different kind of living will. A “living, living will” focuses on what it means to live “plugged in” to God’s purposes now. We’ll explore how to identify and examine ways to distribute both material and non-material assets while you are still living, rather than waiting till you die. This three-hour seminar for adults of any age, including grandparents, will introduce you to an unusual family approach to the stewardship of assets God has given you for His purposes.

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Don and Deborah Haddix

Deborah Haddix is the author of several books aimed at helping grandparents embrace and fulfill their biblical role. In addition to writing and speaking, Deborah is a Christian Life Coach and serves as Director of Women’s Ministry at her local church. She and her husband, Don, are grandparents to twelve.
Topics and Speaking Engagements offered by Don and Deborah:
    Speakers: Nate & Kim Young and Don & Deborah Haddix
    Don & Deborah Haddix, along with Nate & Kim Young, want to help seniors and their adult children see aging God’s perspective, not the way the world views aging. Foundational biblical and practical truths will be examined in both combined and season specific sessions. The Finishing Well Conference will help senior adults grow to age in grace and help their adult children grow to love in grace. This retreat can be adapted to fit your time frame.
    The Bible is clear that we are to disciple our adult children and our grandchildren. In this six-session conference, Don and Deborah Haddix, explore five effective and powerful methods that answer the “how” of discipling the next generations. The six 45-minute sessions include:
    • From Generation to Generation (A Psalm 145 framework)
    • Effectual Fervent Prayer
    • Modeling
    • Observing Traditions
    • Sharing Our God-stories
    • The Power of Blessing.

    Steeped in Scripture, seasoned with more than forty years’ worth of personal anecdotes, and sprinkled with fun and laughter, this conference helps encourage, equip, and challenge participants to live in obedience to God’s generational mandate. This retreat can be modeled to fit your time frame.

For more information, contact Deborah Haddix (deborah@deborahhaddix.com).

Josh Mulvihill

Dr. Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation, served as a pastor for nearly 20 years, has a PhD in Family Ministry, serves as the Vice-Chairmen on the board of Awana, serves as Assistant Editor for The Review magazine, author or editor of ten books on parenting and grandparenting, and is in high demand as a speaker.

Speaking Events by Josh:
  1. Biblical Grandparenting (Seminar or Conference)
    The Biblical Grandparenting Seminar or Conference is a partnership with a local church or organization to equip grandparents in their God-designed role to be intentional, godly grandparents so that future generations may grow up with a biblical foundation that will enable them to follow Christ wholeheartedly in today’s world.
  2. Gospel Shaped Family Conference
    The Gospel Shaped Family conference is designed to equip families to raise children and grandchildren with a deep, lasting, culture-transforming faith. God designed families to shape the next generation with the gospel, give them a biblical view of life, and be the primary means to help children and grandchildren mature in Christ.
  3. Various Grandparenting topics that can fit in your venue
    • How To Help a Child or Grandchild Develop a Biblical Worldview
      Learn what worldview is, why it matters and how to help your child or grandchild develop a biblical worldview by teaching four foundational biblical truths. This seminar will help you gain confidence and equip you to have intentional conversations so that your children develop deep, lasting, and culture transforming faith. This seminar is based on Josh’s book Biblical Worldview.
    • 4 Ways to Help Children Understand and Defend Their Faith
      This seminar will equip you to help children recognize cultural lies, provide practical ways that you can integrate apologetics into your ministry, and introduce you to key tools to aid your children’s ministry.
    • The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture
      Many Christians look to science, experience, or other sources for guidance and unintentionally replace the authority of God’s Word for something else. In this seminar you will learn how to help your child strengthen their belief in God’s Word through three questions, reasons the Bible is true and trustworthy, and applications to all of life.

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Jere Vincent

Jere is President of Family Builders Ministries. Jere coordinates several family and grandparenting events around the country serving couples, families, and churches who want to build strong, healthy, and lasting relationships.
Conference Events:
  1. Intentional Grandparenting conferences
    A combination of speakers and workshops addressing key topics related to intentional, biblical grandparenting in such a time as this. This is a two day conference and includes lots of resources exhibitors with tools to help you in your grandparenting journey.
  2. Gospel Shaped Family conferences
    The Gospel Shaped Family conference is designed to equip families to raise children and grandchildren with a deep, lasting, culture-transforming faith. God designed families to shape the next generation with the gospel, give them a biblical view of life, and be the primary means to help children and grandchildren mature in Christ.
  3. Biblical Sexuality (seminar)
  4. Marriage/Family Retreats

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Jay Payleitner

After crashing and burning in sales, Jay spent a decade writing advertising for airlines and beer. Finally, God called him to produce thousands of radio broadcasts as a freelancer for Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell, Heritage Foundation, Fathers.com, Salvation Army, and Voice of the Martyrs. He has been a featured a speaker in more than 70 states and countries leading men’s retreats, women’s outreach events, and marriage conferences.
Speaking Events by Jay:
  1. Hooray for Grandparents seminar or as a keynote
    Hey Papa, Grammy, Gramps, and Nana! Get 22 fresh strategies you can use today for giving love, receiving love, dispelling stereotypes, leaving a legacy, and being a rock star to your entire family. A challenging, encouraging, and heartfelt weekend retreat or single presentation for any grandparents’ or senior’s group. Also, a valuable message for any congregation or general audience to promote positive family dynamics.
    But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children. (Psalm 103:17)
    A Weekend Retreat format includes the individual topics listed in #2 below.
  2. Workshops/Single Talks:
    • Praying For and With Your Grandchildren
    • Empowering the Sandwich Generation
    • What If God Wrote Your Bucket List?
    • The Four Factors for De-escalating Conflict
    • 17 Ways to Make the World a Better Place
  3. The Grandfather Effect Retreat (Four sessions)
    We’ll unpack four important practices for effective grandfathering: Bond. Teach. Enjoy. Inspire. The four sessions include:
    • Be the Gramps!
    • Grandfathers in the Bible
    • Papa’s Magic
    • Your Legacy of Faith

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Olin and Bev Phillips

For over 50 years of marriage, Olin and Bev have taught children, youth, and adults in the local church and beyond. As speakers, teachers and bloggers, they are passionate about encouraging families to be life-long learners of God’s Word. They have 9 adult children, 2 sons-in-law, 3 daughters-in-law, 15 grandchildren, and have been foster parents to 10. Olin is a retired forester and Bev served as a local church Care Ministry Director for 15 years. They reside in Minnesota, working hard to stay warm as they look for the humor in life!
Topics and Events Offered by Olin and Bev:

Seminar/Conference Event

Courageous Grandparenting Seminar

This conference/seminar includes five 45-minute sessions exploring God’s call upon Christian grandparents to stay in the race, fight the good fight, and finish the race well so another generation may know the truth and walk in it. Contact Olin and Bev at bphillips@christiangrandparenting.com for more information.

Optional Workshop for Grandfathers: MAN UP! True Heroes Wanted
Optional Workshop for Grandmothers: CHEER UP! Let’s Be Glad All Our Days

Workshops/Single Presentations:

For information on any of these topics contact:

  1. Why Grandparenting Ministry Matters in the Local Church
    A workshop for pastors, church leaders and volunteers to explore the Scriptural basis, current statistics, and potential for a church’s grandparenting ministry. We share suggestions for next steps in developing a legacy grandparent ministry in the local church.
  2. Grandparents: Are You on Fire or Burning Out?
    Are you on fire to become a successful Christian grandparent? What exactly is that anyway? Or are you tired and facing burn-out in pursuit of this goal? Burn-out is real, even for God-centered, faithful grandparents. Avoid the comparison trap and learn to have a more balanced life as we examine our hearts and schedules.
  3. Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith
    A workshop for all grandparents contrasting the Biblical role of grandparents with the world’s views. Practical suggestions are offered for how to be intentional about your legacy. Don’t be molded by the world – be shaped on the “Potter’s Wheel!”
  4. 7 Essentials of a Grandparents’ Marriage Model
    We know our marriage can have a powerful effect on our children and grandchildren. We review key areas to keep in mind in seeking to model a healthy, God-honoring marriage in the 2nd half of life.
  5. Christmas Tips for Wise Grandparents
    Explaining the difference between a lavish gift-giver and a gracious gift-giver requires a heart motivation check. We will explore general guidelines and practical ideas to allow Christmas to be a special celebration focused on our Savior’s birth.

Workshop Topics Offered by Bev:

For information on any of these topics by Bev contact:
  1. Prayer: An Invitation, A Conversation, A Response
    God invites us to have personal communion with Him—a two-way conversation where our responses can be life-changing. The
    Lord’s Prayer is a model of both the inward and outward focus that is crucial to praying. Our prayers do make a
  2. Living Between Once-Upon-A-Time & Happily-Ever-After: God’s Sovereignty in Difficult Times
    When we begin a relationship with Jesus, it feels like the sweet beginning of a wonderful story that will continue until the happily-ever-after of heaven. But then come big bumps and deep valleys.  Can we see God’s presence actively woven throughout each event and season? There is practical help and encouragement during the “in-between” times.
  3. Prayer as a Spiritual Habit
    What is prayer? Why pray? Just as breathing in air is natural and necessary to a newborn child, coming to God through prayer is a natural response to a relationship with Him even with our wandering minds and lack of focus. Ideas for how to get started or to refresh your prayer life are included.
  4. Spiritual Friends, Mentors, Spiritual Mothers: Passing on a Legacy of Biblical Womanhood to Another Generation
    Spiritual partnerships are a life-giving way for women to nurture, encourage, and love one another in all generations. If you love Jesus and see Him at work in your life, you are called to invest in other women. But it can feel difficult, elusive, or ineffective? The Bible provides numerous examples and personal stories to help and encourage you as a younger or older women to go further and deeper together with your faithful Creator.
  5. Midlife and Beyond: Northing to be Afraid Of!
    Common midlife experiences with its losses and challenges can bring about a time of questioning. What have I accomplished? What’s ahead for me? Where is God in all this and what is my purpose now? Scripture guides us as we learn to “laugh at the future”, look forward to the prize, and focus on the joy God puts before us.