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History of GrandCamps

Since 1998, Cavin Harper, founder and Executive Director of Christian Grandparenting Network, has produced and directed GrandCamps each summer for grandparents and their grade-school age grandchildren at facilities in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounding Pikes Peak.

No longer able to meet demand, Christian Grandparenting Network discontinued offering a single camp experience in Colorado and is taking our years of experience to a national level by offering a program model for various camps, churches, and denominations. Additionally, in 2017 we introduced the Grand Day Out format for churches. This one day program provides a powerful introduction to the GrandCamp experience through the local church.

So, what are GrandCamps all about?

GrandCamps are unique, grand faith adventures for grandparents and their grandchildren. They focus on leaving a faith-legacy for the next generations. From engaging in shared purposeful activities, to discovering from God’s Word what it means to walk in the truth, to building a treasure chest of life-changing memories — all in an environment that invites having a pile of fun — this will be a time for building memories that will last a lifetime.

GrandCamps are amazing inter-generational adventures designed to transport grandparents and their grandkids away from the daily distractions of life where God can do something extraordinary in the lives of both. If you are a grandparent, GrandCamp offers a unique environment and context for providing a powerful, transformational generation-to-generation experience.

CGN provides a comprehensive program to help you have a successful GrandCamp experience. We have been doing GrandCamps since 1998, and that experience record ensures you are getting something that works, and that grandparents and grandkids want!

Watch what GrandCamps is all about.

How can I get started in GrandCamps?

There are 4 ways you run a camp, participate in one, or have one at home.

Start GrandCamps

We have resources to help you start your own GrandCamps program.

Find a GrandCamp

Search for a GrandCamp program near you.

Grand Day Out

We have special programs available for you to run a one-day GrandCamp in your church.

GrandCamp Field Guide

Your own do it yourself manual to have GrandCamp in your home.