Prayer Ministry

“The prayer of a righteous man (grandparent) is powerful and effective.” James 5:16b

Encourage, equip and empower grandparents to pray regularly for their children and grandchildren, both privately and corporately.

These are challenging moral and spiritual times in which we live, especially for our grandchildren. A media-driven culture has desensitized our grandchildren and pushed the boundaries of a Christ-like lifestyle. “The role of grandparenting in the second half of life is becoming more important than anyone would ever have imagined. The rescue of our culture may well rest on the shoulders of today’s grandparents. What an incredible call for the second half of life.”1 Do we, as grandparents, understand the mighty and powerful force that prayer can be for our grandchildren in these times?

Years ago, Esther stood in the gap for her people, the Jews. Today grandparents can stand in the gap with prayer for their grandchildren.

As grandparents, we can make a significant difference in the world by praying regularly and deliberately for our grandchildren and their parents. We have an opportunity to powerfully touch the lives of another generation for eternity.

We pray you will find the information and resources here helpful as you prayer for your grandchildren, get together with other grandparents to pray and learn more about how you can pass a legacy of blessing to future generations.

1 Randy Swanson, “Broken Contract” Significant Living magazine, issue May/June 2009, p44.

“I love the sweet fellowship, support, and friendships of my Grandparents at Prayer Group. I feel safe to share my heavy heart of my concerns for my grandchildren and their parents, knowing others will be praying for them. It is wonderful to see how God is answering our prayers in the lives of our families as we pray for them.”

(Carol Glad, Oregon)

“My husband and I have 8 grandchildren who are scattered over three countries. A few days before G@P meets, I text all each grandchild separately and ask if there is anything, they want me to pray for them. I also pray for their parents. Touching base personally with each grandchild has helped me become more a part of their life and fostered a very special relationship that I would otherwise not have. God has worked through these contacts and prayers to enrich all our lives, but most especially mine.”

(Betsy Acken, SC)

Commit to Prayer

Will you join us in prayer? It is urgent we stand in the gap to pray for the spiritual, emotional, and physical protection of our grandchildren and their parents, so they do not become victims of our culture. We specifically ask you to pray on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer, but everyday it is important to cover them with God’s grace.

30–Day Prayer Challenge for Grandchildren

We are offering the 30-Day Prayer Challenge for you to use any time to enrich your prayer time for your grandchildren.

What is the 30–Day Prayer Challenge

The 30–Day Prayer Challenge is an opportunity for grandparents to:

  • COMMIT to praying for their grandchildren for 30 consecutive days.
  • ENGAGE in purposeful, intentional, and specific prayers for their grandchildren.
  • RECEIVE SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from others as they make an immense investment into the lives of their grandchildren.

When does the 30–Day Challenge take place?

The challenge can be taken at any time that fits your schedule. Additionally, a corporate version is run annually through our corresponding Facebook group during the 30 days leading up to Grandparents’ Day of Prayer.

Signup and Download your copy of the 30-Day Challenge

30-day Prayer Challenge for Adult Children

Standing Together in Prayer

Our children are now adults. Their decisions, choices, and actions are their responsibility. While they are no longer dependent on us, this does not take away our concerns and desire to help. Prayer is the answer. Prayer connects our hearts for our adult children to the divine plan of God.

Our 30-Day Prayer Challenge equips you to pray both intentionally and consistently for thirty consecutive days. The Scripture and prayer prompts are designed to encourage you to pray boldly and specifically for your adult children.

God’s Word is a weapon that we must use when praying, and it is one that the enemy cannot prevail against. Scripture tells us, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”
–Hebrews 4:12