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Prayer Cards

Praying through scripture is an effective way  to pray for our families. These prayer cards are designed to be used daily. Print each PDF and keep it with your Bible to use in your daily devotions.

Some of the cards are available in beautifully printed formats in bundles of 50 to share in your church and with friends. CLICK HERE to see which cards are available for purchase.

31 Scriptures to Pray

There are many benefits to praying Scripture. Among them are more focused attention during prayer and specific content for your prayers. “31 Scriptures to Pray” for your grandchildren contains 31 Scripture-based prayer prompts to help grandparents pray Scripture.

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More Scriptures to Pray

When we pray Scripture, we never need to question the content of our prayers. As well, praying Scripture is a powerful way to pray God’s will for our grandchildren. “More Scriptures to Pray” goes beyond “31 Scriptures to Pray” providing grandparents with 30 additional Scripture-based prayer prompts.

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Prayers for Parents

“Prayers for Parents” is a collection of prayer prompts for parents. Each prompt is Scripture-based and practical to the needs of parents. This is also a great tool for grandparents to use in praying for their adult children.

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Prayers for Grandparents

We cannot give what we do not have. Our own relationship with the Lord is crucial to the role he has called us to. “Prayers for Grandparents” is a collection of Scripture-based prayer prompts for grandparents to pray for themselves as they seek to grandparent with intention.

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Scriptures to Pray for Your Teen Grandchildren

One of the most important things we can do for our teen grandchildren is to pray for them. “Scriptures to Pray for Your Teen Grandchildren” is a collection of specific, Scripture-based prompts to help you in this eternity-impacting endeavor.

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Prayer Card for Grandchildren in School

Whether they are in public, private, or home school, our grandchildren are facing things we never dreamed of at their age. From pre-school to college, this prayer guide will help you to pray more specifically for your grandchildren at various stages in their school experience.

Size: 77 KB
Pasajes de la Biblia para Orar por tus Hijos y Nietos

Hay muchos beneficios al orar las Escrituras. Entre ellos se encuentran una atención más enfocada durante la oración y contenido específico para sus oraciones. “31 Escrituras para orar” para sus nietos contiene 31 indicaciones de oración basadas en las Escrituras para ayudar a los abuelos a orar las Escrituras.

Size: 277 KB

30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents

This guide contains all the materials you need to enter into 30 days of intentional and specific prayer for your grandchildren. Download the 30-Day Prayer Challenge Journal which provides a place for recording prayers, thoughts, and reflections on the journey.

(NOTE: Christian Grandparenting Network is glad to serve individual and small groups of grandparents by offering this prayer challenge booklet free of charge. If, however, you would like to support the work of this ministry and “pay it forward,” donations are much appreciated. For churches, may we suggest a dollar per member — $100 for church size of 100, $200 for church size of 200, etc.? Thank you!)

30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents
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30-Day Prayer Challenge Journal
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Other Downloads

Teaching Grandchildren to Pray

This resource for grandparents contains 4 ideas for discipling grandchildren in prayer.

Size: 401 KB

Creating A Legacy of Blessing

This PDF file clarifies the Purpose, Power, Patterns, and Practice of the spoken blessing. It, also, provides guidance in helping you bless and be a blessing to your family, especially your grandchildren.

Size: 356 KB

Other Websites

Virtual GrandCamp 2020: Learning to Pray

Host your own GrandCamp in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. On this user-friendly site, you will find 5 days of material from which you can pick and choose – a week’s worth of activities and devotions to share with your grandchildren. A suggested order and guide are available, but feel free to adapt this Virtual GrandCamp to work for you.

Bible Lessons for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Fun, interactive Bible lessons designed specifically for grandparents and their grandchildren. These lessons are structured to help grandparents share the Good News, engage in meaningful conversations and build a lasting relationship with their grandchildren. Using household items, they require minimal preparation.

Gospel-Centered Grandparenting Video Series

We love being grandparents, don’t we? Yet, how many of us have received training from the Bible on what God’s calling on us grandparents actually involves? In this four-part video series on “Gospel Centered Grandparenting” our commitment to you is to provide:

  • Clear biblical teaching on the mission God has given us grandparents
  • Hope in seeing how the gospel can shape the relationships we have with our grandchildren and their parents
  • Help in giving practical ideas on how to improve and grow those family relationships

Session 1: What kind of training from God’s Word have you received on the ministry of grandparenting? Over 99% of Christian grandparents would say, “None!” Well, in this first session Dr. McCall will introduce us to God’s calling on us grandparents, providing hope and help from God’s Word.
Session 2: Talking to our grandchildren about being right with God is so important — but why is that important, and how do we talk to them about salvation? In this session we’ll look for clarity from the Bible in answering these eternally-important questions.
Session 3: Have you ever wondered what your grandchildren will say at your funeral about the impact you had on their lives? In this session we’ll see in the Bible how we grandparents can live our daily lives before our grandchildren in a way that demonstrates a contagious passion for Christ and his gospel.
Session 4: How might the gospel get such a grip on the hearts of our grandchildren that they want to live passionately and perseveringly for Christ, come what may in this increasingly-hostile world? What’s our role as grandparents in showing them the way of valuing Christ more than everything this world has to offer?

(NOTE: Larry McCall and Walking Like Jesus Ministries are glad to serve individual grandparents and small groups of grandparents by offering these video sessions free of charge. If, however, you would like to support the work of this ministry and “pay it forward,” donations are much appreciated. For churches, may we suggest a dollar per member — $100 for church size of 100, $200 for church size of 200, etc.? Your gifts can be given electronically at Thank you!)