Mission, Vision, Objective & Strategy


Our mission is to encourage, equip, and empower grandparents to pass a legacy of faith in Christ to future generations.


Our vision is to see grandparents, worldwide, engaged in passing a Christ-centered spiritual legacy shaped by a biblical worldview to their grandchildren and all future generations.


Christian Grandparenting Network is dedicated to…

  • Reaching grandparents directly and through their local church to renew their passion for purposeful living by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Helping grandparents to understand and embrace their Biblical role and embrace God’s call for this season of life.
  • Developing and providing resources that help grandparents reclaim their family and future generations for Christ and his Gospel.
  • Contributing to the purposeful, powerful, and creative opportunities for intergenerational dialogue and ministry that strengthen biblical family relationships, promote evangelism, and build up one another toward full maturity in Christ.
  • Building a network of resources, people, and organizations that are compatible with our cause. Our website and social media, prayer ministry, teaching seminars, GrandCamps, and ministry relationships with local churches are the primary vehicles for building these networks and growing the movement.