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Prayer for the Lost Sheep in Our Families

Does your heart break for the lost sheep in your families who have strayed from Jesus? If so, have you renewed your commitment to pray for them daily?Read More

Praying Our Grandchildren Flee Sexual Immorality

Today’s culture tempts teens and preteens to become sexually active outside of marriage. What can grandparents do? We can PRAY continuously!Read More

Praying for Our Grandchildren’s Freedom

Let’s join our voices in one accord, praying our grandchildren discover that the true source of freedom is having Jesus in our hearts.Read More

Giving Thanks for Our Grandchildren

Every good gift if from above, including our grandchildren. Let’s remember to give God thanks for this precious gift.Read More

Prayer of Protection for the Summer

We have the privilege and responsibility of praying for our grandchildren’s protection as they enjoy the activities associated with summer vacation.Read More

May Our Grandchildren Wonder at God’s Creation

Our grandchildren are naturally curious about the world in which they live. Let’s pray they behold the wonder of God as they count the stars, pick up frogs and pretend they are being chased by waves.Read More

Praying Our Grandchildren Love Their Enemies

Jesus’ command to love those who persecute us isn’t an easy task. We can help our grandchildren in this endeavor by praying they learn to bless their enemies.Read More

Enjoying the Freedom of God’s Grace

God’s grace offers us radical freedom and joy, because we don’t have to earn our way to heaven through a plethora of good works. Let’s pray our grandchildren discover and enjoy this freedom!Read More

Praying that Our Grandchildren Love the Bible!

Let’s pray that our grandchildren enjoy a warm, intimate relationship with our heavenly Father by spending time in His Word.Read More

Prayer for Good Friday and Easter

Jesus walked the road to Calvary for our sake. Let’s commemorate His sacrifice, death and resurrection with prayers of praise and thanksgiving. Read More

Prayer for Teenage and Preteen Grandchildren

Our teenage and preteen grandchildren desperately need our prayers as they search for answers in a world gone topsy-turvy. Read More

Putting on the Armor of God

We pray our grandchildren learn to battle effectually in the spiritual realm.Read More

Prayer for the Key to Abundant Life

We pray our grandchildren discover the key to abundant life. Read More

Our Grandchildren’s Second Semester Attitude

Even the students who love school grow weary during the second semester. We can help by lifting them up to the Lord in prayer.Read More

It’s Time to Pray for a National Revival

Most of us were stunned by the events, which took place in our national Capitol on Wednesday. It’s time for Christians to get on our knees and pray for a spiritual revival for our nation. Will you join me?.Read More

Prayer for a Generation of Courageous Believers

We approach Your throne of grace, beseeching You to raise up a generation of young people who are willing to proclaim Your sovereignty in the face of opposition.Read More

It’s Time to Pray for a National Revival

Most of us were stunned by the events, which took place in our national Capitol on Wednesday. It’s time for Christians to get on our knees and pray for a spiritual revival for our nation. Will you join me?.Read More

Discovering the True Meaning of Christmas

Our grandchildren are impressionable, without a doubt. Therefore, let us join our voices together, praying they discover the true meaning of Christmas.Read More

Prayer for Those Who Grieve During the Holidays

The holidays hold painful reminders, such as one less gift under the Christmas tree or a phone that doesn’t ring, for those who are mourn the loss of a loved one. Today let’s take a break from our busy schedules and pray for those who grieve.Read More

Praying That We Don’t Lose Sight of Christmas

Do you get caught up with your holiday to-do list and lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas? If so, here is a prayer for you and your family.Read More

Prayer for Our Grandchildren at Halloween

Have you considered asking God to safeguard the hearts of your grandchildren?Read More

Autumn, a Beautiful Season of Life

We need to pause the button on our busy schedules, long enough to give God glory for this beautiful season of our life.Read More

Having the Heart to Forgive Others

Forgiveness is essential for emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Therefore, we need to pray our grandchildren are willing to forgive those who hurt or mistreat them.Read More

Prayer for the Quenching of the Forest Fires

Raging forest fires threaten live and properties on the West coast. Let us pray together, asking the Lord to quency the flames.Read More

A Special Prayer Written for Grandparents Everywhere

This is a special prayer for grandparents who love their grandchildren as Christ loves them.
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Praying for a Weekend of Rest and Renewal

Labor Day affords us the opportunity to set aside our busy schedules and rest. Let’s make this time of rest and renewal meaningful but “resting in the Lord.”
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5 Reasons to Pray for Your Grandchildren

We all know prayer for our grandchildren is important, but have you ever thought about the many reasons why?
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Let’s Pray Our Grandchildren Love the Bible!

Let’s join in one voice, praying our grandchildren love the Bible and the Truths contained in its pages.
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Have You Considered Fasting in Conjunction With Prayer?

Are you a grandparent who is looking for ways to enhance your prayer life? If so, have you considered coupling your prayers with one of the other spiritual disciplines, such as fasting? For more, please see…
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A New School Year Will Soon Begin!

As grandparents, we have the opportunity to stand in the gap and pray for our grandchildren and their school year.
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Pray for Older Grandchildren Returning to School

High school and college students are influenced heavily by their peers. They need godly grandparents praying for them as they return to school and make new friends.

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Prayer is our best weapon in the spiritual battle

In response to this unprecedented time, we would like to invite all praying grandparents to join other grandparents around the world to pray for their grandchildren, specifically on September 13, 2020.

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Prayer for Help During the Pandemic

We’ve grown weary under the weight of the pandemic; therefore, let us return to the Lord and seek His help.

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The 30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents: Begins 8/15/20

Do you find yourself struggling to be consistent and intentional in your prayers for your grandchildren. The 30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents is a great way to begin a new habit. Read more for details on the Challenge.

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Prayer for the Upcoming School Year

Abba Father,

We pray for the upcoming school year. Please give our governors, state boards of education, administrators and teachers discernment during these unprecedented times.

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Surviving as a Single Mom

I have been a single mother since my forty-year-old daughter was six years old. I didn’t choose for my marriage to end, While I did what I could to hold my marriage together, the divorce happened, and I had to move on to a new way of life.

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Prayers for Parents and the Upcoming School Year

Our adult children and their spouses are navigating uncharted waters. They are currently struggling with whether to send our grandchildren back into the classroom or keep them at home for online school.

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Praying for Our Grandchildren’s Salvation

The greatest legacy we can leave our grandchildren is the gift of our prayers for their salvation.

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Grandparents’ Day of Prayer: Virtual-Style

What is Grandparents Day of Prayer and how do we celebrate it amid the coronavirus pandemic? For answers to these questions and more, please read on…

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Prayers for Women Who Remain Childless

Our hearts grieve for the precious women who remain childless despite their prayers for a child. Today we approach God’s throne of grace, interceding on their behalf.

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It’s Time We Pray for Our Nation

The soul of our nation cries out in pain. Now, more than ever, Christians need to intercede for our nation and its future.

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6 Grandparenting Essentials

Ever found yourself wanting to grandparent the way God intended, but not sure where to begin? Consider these 6 essentials as a starting point…

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Have you heard about the Christian Grandparenting prayer ministry?

I would like to share with you what CGN prayer ministry is about.

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Praise and Thanksgiving for Christ, our King

Praise is the heartbeat of a rich prayer life. With this in mind, let us offer praise and thanksgiving to Christ, our Savior and King.

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A Grandparent is Like a Farmer

As Christian grandparents, we are farmers who hope to harvest faith in our grandchildren.

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Praying God Protects our Grandchildren from Evil

We are terrified by the thought of anyone (or anything) preying on our precious grandchildren, including the enemy. Instead of being fearful, we need to turn to Christ in prayer.

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Psalm 71: A Proclamation to Grandparents

What does an aged King David have to share with grandparents? Find his words of wisdom for us in Psalm 71.

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Prayer for the Faith of Our Adult Children

What is the old saying? Once a parent, always a parent. Therefore, we have the privilege and responsibility of praying for the faith of our adult children.

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Long-Distance Grandparenting and Technology

I know the reality of being a long-distance grandparent. It’s not only difficult; it is lonesome, frustrating, worrisome and downright painful at times.

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Storms in a Grandchild's Life

It was August, 1979, the middle of hurricane season, and Hurricane David was sweeping its way through the Lesser Antilles. I sat inside my dormitory room in Charleston, South Carolina, frantically flipping the pages of my calculus book, unaware that a storm was barreling my way.

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Praying our Grandchildren Know the Good Shepherd

As Christian grandparents, we long for our grandchildren to be intimately acquainted with Jesus not only as their Savior but as their Good Shepherd. Our longing turns becomes a reality when we pray.

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Praying Scripture for Your Grandchildren: Ephesians 1

Have you considered the fact that we have the privilege and joy of praying for the mothers of our grandchildren on Mother’s Day Weekend?

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Mother’s Day Prayer

Have you considered the fact that we have the privilege and joy of praying for the mothers of our grandchildren on Mother’s Day Weekend?

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Prayer for Our Adult Children During The LockDown

Our adult children need our prayers as they strive to keep their families healthy, juggle finances and adapt to a new routine.

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Raising Our Arms in Prayer

Moses’ instructions to Joshua were crystal clear. “Choose for us men and go out and fight with Amalek. Tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the staff of God in my hand”

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Prayer for Our Precious Grandchildren During the Lockdown

Children internalize their parents fears. Therefore, we need to pray God safeguards their impressionable hearts and minds.

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Does Worry Have You Tied in Knots?

A special welcome to my guest blogger, Terri Sherrow.

I worry during these times of uncertainty. How can I not worry? The coronavirus has us in quarantine, and the world is on hold.

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Abortion: A Prayer for Grandmothers

Grandmothers who are suffering in the aftermath of an abortion, which they had years ago or their daughter had recently, need our prayers.

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Do you feel something is missing in your prayer life?

Does your prayer life need refreshing? During this time of distancing and /or isolation are you spending more time in prayer for your family? I am trying to spend more time in prayer and texting with my grandchildren

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Prayer for Good Friday and EASTER

As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter, let us pray that our grandchildren understand the significance of these events.

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Hug Your Grandchildren with a Prayer: 8 Creative Ideas

At least for a time, COVID-19 has transformed all of us into long-distance grandparents. Longing to see our grandchildren, we wonder when we will be able to once again give them a little squeeze. Until then, may I suggest you reach out and hug your grandchildren with a prayer?

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Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but worry about our loved ones. We need to ask God to place a hedge of protection around them.

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10 Special Ways to Celebrate Easter with Grandkids Who Don't Go to Church

Easter is an excellent time for having fun and connecting with your grandkids even during this unprecedented time of sheltering-in-place. Check out these ideas for a little inspiration. Each one can be tweaked for social-distancing with a little thought and effort.

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Faith Stories: A Way to Point Our Grandchildren to Christ

Faith stories provide a powerful tool for us to point our grandchildren to Christ. Let’s pray in advance that we are prepared when the opportunity arises.

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Have you Heard of the G.P.S. Group in Florida?

Guest blog by Candyce Trew in 2011. Be sure to read the recent report at the end of this story.

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Prayer for the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (During this Time of Uncertainty)

Our world has been turned upside-down by the coronavirus. We need to ask God to help us exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit during these times of uncertainty.

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Praying for the Eradication of the Coronavirus

God is calling Christians to unite as the Body of Christ and pray corporately for the eradication of COVID-19.

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Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus

In the face of Coronavirus, we need to humble ourselves and pray, seeing God’s face and turning from our evil ways, so He will heal our land.

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Helpful Advice from the Mother of Moses

Recently I was thinking about my grandchildren and great-grandchildren going to school and their godless influences. We have them all ages, kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college. The story of baby Moses kept coming to my mind from Exodus chapter 2. This week I want to share some of my thoughts with you.

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Praying Our Grandchildren Don’t Grow Up to Become People-Pleasers

People-pleasers suffer tremendous fear and anxiety. Therefore, we need to pray instead of pleasing people, our grandchildren please Christ.

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Prayer for Our Adult Children’s Jobs and Careers

Have you ever found yourself distracted during a time of prayer for your grandchildren or felt as though your prayers were stale and mechanical? Prayer Journaling just might be the tool for you.

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Prayer for Our Adult Children’s Jobs and Careers

Our adult children need us to intercede on their behalf for their career choices and places of employment. Please join me in praying God establishes and favors the works of their hands.

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What is a GrandJunction?

Does the thought of starting a G@P (Grandparents @ Prayer) group terrify you? If so, may I suggest a Grand Junction?

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The Stretcher Bearers

Have you ever considered the story of the four stretcher-bearers and the paralytic (Luke 5:17-26) as a metaphor for prayer?

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Prayer for Our Relationship With Our Adult Children

God calls us to love our adult children and their spouses sacrificially, with the love Paul describes in his first letter to the Corinthians.

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A Grandparent’s Prayer

Lord, help us to be the best grandparents we can be. Let us give you thanks for this season of our lives, which brings us describable joy.
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