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Equipping and Mobilizing Grandparents


  • Nearly all grandparents love being grandparents. They are highly motivated to interact with their grandkids.
  • Yet, of the 30 million professing Christian grandparents in North America, less than 1% report receiving any training from the Bible in the God-given ministry of grandparenting. Many Christian grandparents have unintentionally adopted our culture’s emphasis of the role of grandparents being primarily in the realm of providing “fun and funds.”
  • Churches with grandparenting ministries find the benefit of having the older generation continuing to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This results in stronger multi-generational families and increased organic ministry happening outside traditional church programs.

Listen to Pastor Larry McCall explain why you should have a Grandparenting Ministry in your church.


  1. A coach from Christian Grandparenting Network will be selected and spend time with your staff getting to know that church’s history, health and current efforts in equipping its members in the realms of family relationships. We’ll do this through correspondence and video calls with key church leaders, both staff and volunteer.
  2. An in-person visit will be made to meet with the Lead Pastor, pertinent staff members and volunteer grandparenting “champions” chosen by the church’s leaders. Sometimes this visit may be followed by a weekend seminar (usually a Friday evening/Saturday event) teaching the church’s grandparents what God’s calling is for Christian grandparents. Optionally, the coach can also speak at the whole-church weekend worship service(s) on “Inspiring the Next Generation to Value Christ Above All.”
  3. After the in-person visit, the church leaders will receive a written recommendation for a way forward in equipping and mobilizing grandparents for their ministry of grandparenting for God’s glory and the eternal good of the coming generation. Follow up video-calls can be scheduled quarterly to check on progress and help establish the grandparenting ministry.


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