Christian Grandparenting Network is pleased to recommend the following conferences and retreats.

The Nuts and Bolts of Godly Grandparenting

Speaker: Sherry Schumann

As grandparents, many of us have bought the cultural lie that we are inconsequential in the lives of our children and grandchildren. This lie tells us to retire to “leisureville.” It tells us that, if we want a relationship with our grandchildren, we need to provide expensive presents and fancy trips. Nothing, however, is further from the Truth.

Join Sherry Schumann as she digs into Scripture and uncovers what the Bible says about our role as grandparents. Discover what it means to leave a Gospel shaped Legacy. Learn practical ways to share your faith stories with your grandchildren, offer them the gift of the spoken blessing, and commit yourselves as prayer warriors interceding regularly on their behalf.

Unleashing the Power of Prayer

Speakers: Sherry Schumann

Scripture tells us, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Why, then, do so many believers feel as though their prayers are powerless and ineffective?

Join Sherry Schumann for a one-or-two-day retreat as she digs into God’s Word and examines ways to step up our prayer life, thereby unleashing the power or prayer. This retreat features sis 45-minute sessions, which include the following topics: Intimacy with the Savior, Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, Hindrances to Our Approach to Prayer, Hindrances to the Work of Prayer, Intercessory Prayer and Prayers of Thanksgiving and Adoration.

This retreat can be customized to fit your time frame.

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Grandmas Gathering

Speakers: Sherry Schumann

Grab your Bible and favorite jammies and join us for a grandmother’s overnight. Whether your grandchildren call you Grandma, Gram or Nana, you’ll enjoy engaging with other grandmothers as you explore God’s call for this season of life.

Signature features of a Grandma’s Gathering include an intimate setting limited to a maximum of twenty-five attendees, Scripture based teaching, engaging discussions, heartfelt connections, devoted times of prayer, and snacks galore!

Sherry Schumann currently offers three Grandma’s Gatherings from which you can choose: Creating a Legacy for Your Grandchildren, Unleashing the Power of Prayer, and Shepherding Your Grandchildren According to Psalm 23.

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Courageous Grandparenting Conference

Speaker: Cavin Harper

(or another certified Courageous Grandparenting presenter)

The Courageous Grandparenting Seminar is an invitation to grandparents everywhere to explore what it means to stay in the race, fight the good fight, and finish the race well so our children and grandchildren may know the truth of the Gospel of Christ and walk in it. The Seminar is a one-or-two day event involving six sessions examining a biblical view of intentional grandparenting and ways to put into practice God’s instructions from the Bible to grandparents in our world. 

The seminar can be a live event with one of our certified Courageous Grandparenting presenters at your location, or a live stream event in which a presenter teaches each session from a designated location at a pre-arranged time that people from your community or church can watch online at home or in small groups. A third option involve a video teaching of the entire six sessions recorded by Cavin Harper at an earlier conference event. The video can be presented it in a small group setting or a large group setting in whatever time period you choose. A workbook can be purchased separately for any of these options. The workbook is designed to help you guide the discussions and effectively engage participants.

For more information, contact Cavin Harper ( .

From Generation to Generation

Speakers: Don Haddix and Deborah Haddix

Psalm 145 is a clear demonstration of God’s love for the generations and his preference for working within a generational framework. The generation that is going off is to pour into the generation that is coming up. We are to be disciplers of our adult children and our grandchildren. But how?

Join Don and Deborah Haddix for this six-session conference as they help participants explore five effective and powerful methods for discipling the next generations. This event includes six 45-minute sessions: From Generation to Generation, Effectual Fervent Prayer, Modeling, Observing Traditions, Sharing Our God-stories, and The Power of Blessing.

Steeped in Scripture, seasoned with more than forty years’ worth of personal anecdotes, and sprinkled with fun and laughter, this conference helps encourage, equip, and challenge participants to live in obedience to God’s generational mandate.

This retreat can be modeled to fit your time frame.

For more information, contact Deborah Haddix (