Grand Day Out

The original five-day GrandCamps program is only one option available to churches or camps. We also offer a one or two-day Grand Day Out package. This is particularly good for churches who are wanting to introduce the GrandCamps concept to their congregation and community. It also provides a great way to offer a grandparent/grandchild event to launch a grandparenting emphasis in the church.

Grand Day Out incorporates most of the components of a five-day program without the residential requirement or having to go to a camp facility. You can do this program at your church facility, or if you prefer, contract with a local camp. While the key components of GrandCamps are included, they will experienced in a much more limited manner.

To make it the most meaningful experience, particularly for the Blessing Ceremony, we strongly recommend that the host church offer at least one, preferably two, pre-camp sessions for the grandparents who will be attending—or that you are trying to persuade to attend. You determine the appropriate time and place based upon your situation.

The primary focus of this pre-camp session(s) is to expose and prepare grandparents for two important pieces of the GrandCamps experience before they arrive:

  1. An understanding of what a spoken blessing is, why it is important, and how to do it well.
  2. Why grandparenting matters, and how to make this Grand Day Out experience a truly memorable and transformational opportunity that matters.

An hour and a half should be allotted for each of the pre-camp sessions in order to allow for both content presentation and discussion.

Our GrandCamps Theme Paks are available in a Grand Day Out version. Included in this version are one Family Time devotional, one Bible lesson, and one memory verse. All graphics files are included. In addition, we have included the foundational grandparenting sessions for the pre-camp training (including the Blessing Packet), as well as ideas for family activities and games you can use if you choose. The price for the GDO Theme Pak version is $79 instead of $159 for the five-day camp version.

We can also provide coaches/consultation to assist you and your team if you would like help getting started. Contact us if you would like information about this consulting/coaching service.