5 Day Residential Camps

The heart of GrandCamps and how we started is with our 5 day residential camps program.

History of GrandCamps

Since 1998, Cavin Harper, founder and Executive Director of Christian Grandparenting Network has produced and directed a GrandCamp each summer for grandparents and their grade-school age grandchildren at facilities in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounding Pikes Peak.

No longer able to meet demand, Christian Grandparenting Network discontinued offering a single residential camps experience in Colorado and is taking our years of experience to a national level by offering a program model for various camps, churches, and denominations.

Why do GrandCamps?

With somewhere around 80 million grandparents living in the United States today, many churches and camp facilities are looking for opportunities to engage Christian grandparents (estimated to be around 30 million) in family ministry. GrandCamps is a powerful tool for building a Gospel-centered approach to inter-generational evangelism and discipleship.

GrandCamps is a unique and proven variation of the Family Camp model many camps and churches are doing today. Like Family Camps, GrandCamps bring the generations together to build strong, positive relationships, and to explore the depths of God’s grace and truth as we do life together. Unlike the traditional Family Camp, GrandCamps focus entirely on the relationship of grandparents and their grandchildren and their living out their faith together.

We believe this grandparent/grandchild relationship is often misunderstood and given little thought in our culture. We also believe that grandparents matter to God in His design for family. When grandparents understand their biblical roles as defined by Scripture, and choose to be intentional in the fulfillment of those roles, the potential impact is huge.

We are convinced that GrandCamps could be one of the most impactful and productive camp experiences in your program schedule, not to mention the benefits to your ministry. Not only will you build a solid core of grandparents who will want to support your ministry, but you will be investing in the lives of children and youth who will grow to know, love and serve Christ as adult themselves.

Why use the CGN GrandCamps Program?

You could start from scratch and develop your own GrandCamps approach, or you can take advantage of the years of experience and learning that has made GrandCamps so successful. CGN has infused that experience and knowledge into the creation of several Theme Paks that include all the tools and ingredients you will need to do your own successful GrandCamps. We’ve done all the developmental hard work for you so you can focus your efforts on the producing part.

What’s included in the Theme Paks?

Each Theme Pak includes all the resources needed to do a five-day/four-night program through your church, camp or conference center. Designed particularly for grandparents and their grade-school age grandchildren, each Theme Pak includes suggested schedules, Bible stories, memory verse challenges, Family Time devotions and more related to a specific theme.

Each adventure theme is designed to transport grandparents and their grandchildren into a fun and purposeful experience that is free from all the distractions of everyday life where God can reveal His power and grace in new ways. It is a time when grandparents discover a new understanding of what it means to build a meaningful legacy of faith generation across the generations.