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Grandparents Day of Prayer – September 9, 2012


South Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

By Barbara Prichard

We had a wonderful time in our time of prayer and much was gained by the reception for our grandparents. David Gibson, our pastor to seniors spoke and opened our meeting with a prayer. One of our Grandparents gave us a testimony about how the Grandparents @ Prayer group has blessed her family when we prayed for her daughter to adopt a baby. She received two! We were instructed to stop praying. Another lady read “The Last Whipping.” I gave a brief description of our meetings and read our mission statement, which is the same as yours. We prayed for the future generations, protection, and discernment and for godly adult influences on our grandchildren’s lives. We also prayed for restoration of truth and the moral foundation of our nation and world. David concluded our meeting with a prayer for grandchildren throughout the world.

           Refreshments were served afterward and our Grandparents in Prayer group mingled with the guests to provide more information about our group and to invite them individually to join a group. From this, a new group was formed.

Carol Olejnik, Houston, TX -Church ?

Just wanted to let you know our church celebrated National Grandparents Day by praying

for our grandchildren. We also printed out the Scriptures and made them available. I was very

happy about this.


Zion Lutheran Church, Highlands, CA

By Conni Morrison

Sept. 7 – Thanks for the encouragement, I am very excited about this, we are having Rally Day, a new year for our Sunday School and Church year. A special day for our grandparents, I have made corsages and boutonnières for our grandparents when they come to church on Sunday. Handing out materials on grandparenting and telling about the following Sunday when we have our first G&P, our pastor is very excited about this new ministry in our church. Have devotions lined up and materials to give to the grandparents, we will start with the first chapter of your book to talk about, hoping that we can afford to get one for each set of grandparents. we will see, will let you know after all is done, keep us in prayer that grandparents are willing to come and pray for their grandchildren. Thanks for everything.

Sept. 17 – Thought I would let you know we had a good response yesterday from Grandparents, they are excited about starting a prayer group for grandparents. Next Sunday at 1:30p.m. we will have our first get together for grandparents. I have at least 15 grandparents signed up for the first one. Some will come in November as they are out of town. Very excited about this new ministry in our church. Will keep you informed. Thanks again for everything.

This is just what our church needed. They are all so excited about this new ministry.

Calvary Chapel Melbourne, FL

By Candy Trew

Our National Grandparents Day of Prayer at Calvary Chapel Melbourne, FL was AWESOME! One of the best things we did was to put two white boards on stage. We asked the grandparents to attach pictures of their grandchildren so we could see all of those beautiful faces as we lifted them in prayer.

Calvary Chapel, Willows, CA

By Sheryl Talley

Here is a picture of the poster. Hope it came out okay for you to see. Sarah is our poster girl, for ladies events etc. she’s the greatest.

Don gave a nice announcement to encourage grandparents to pray for their grandchildren and we made prayer lists available in the foyer.          

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Fruita, CO

By Gwen Colfer

Remembering that we belong to a small congregation, where fewer than 400 persons attend our three Masses on any given weekend, I am happy to report that we had approximately 60 stay for Prayer Services specifically planned and executed for our grandchildren this weekend. I was delighted with the attendance, and folks were so very appreciative of the efforts of you and CGN (and me, by default) to make this observance possible. They were just full of compliments! And each group applauded at the end…a good sign of our success, I would say. The church staff provided bulletin flyer inserts for both weekends preceding this one, and I was allowed to announce a reminder of the GDOP prayer service, inviting grandparents to join us, at the end of each liturgy.

           I am exhausted right now, but eventually I will send you the detailed prayer service that we created and used, thanks to your excellent materials provided to those who could help in our communities.

Meadow Springs Community Church, Portland, OR

By Lillian Penner

            We were not able to do anything on Sept. 9 for GDOP because our church had an outreach neighborhood party. So we had a potluck and prayer time on Sept. 16 with 26 in attendance. There was a good participating spirit and I think a couple more grandmothers will join our G@P group.


Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK

By Donna Strunk

            I was able to share with my Sunday school class of 16 grandmothers on GDOP and we spent some time in prayer for our grandchildren.


El Centro, CA

By Nancy Fields

We had a fantastic day. We had a good group participating and they were so excited. Then we asked grandparents to join us for a time of prayer on Sun. the Sept 16 and we had 16 enthusiastic grandparents. I know of at least four who want to participate but they were out of town. I want to order 15 of your books for our study.

Judy Ackley wrote:

I thought you would like to know about my church’s response to the Grandparent Day of Prayer. I spoke to all four services and asked grandparents to take an active part in their grandchild’s faith. I shared the blessing I wrote for Skylar and Kira, my grandchildren from camp this summer and talked about how wonderful it is to spend quality time with them.

           The pastor then asked everyone to bring their grandchild/grandparent to church the following Sunday. They handed out the prayer lists they printed from the ones we had at Grandcamp. They also printed out a suggested prayer for children to use to pray for their grandparents. It was a short easy one of younger children. Following the church service, they handed out ribbon bracelets with printed messages such as Jesus Loves Me, Go God! etc. It was pronounced a great success.


Pat Whisler, Elwood City, PA

I promoted GDP at my church by putting an article in our newsletter and also a bulletin insert a few weeks before. I also handed out the ‘kids’ cards for a few weeks. On Sept 9 we did a liturgy and prayer based on the fruits of the Spirit. I was not able to attend that service as my husband and I were in Colorado helping our daughter and family move, but assume all went well. It did compete with our Sunday School rally day for time in the service. Thanks for providing so much support to make promoting grandparenting easy. Please continue the good work. Blessings to you and your work.

Charmé Fletcher, Belton, MO

It was a blessing to pray together with all the grandparents in our church. My pastor/husband had all the grandparents come to the front of the sanctuary and then each one stated the names of all their grands. Our two precious grandchildren 8 yr. old and 18 months accompanied us on the platform. It was very moving for all, as Pastor prayed for each grandparent and their grandchildren. We handed out the Scripture Prayers (from you) to all the grandparents.

Thanks so much for your ministry.

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