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written by Sherry Schumann
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One of the quickest ways to get a grandparent’s attention is to start talking about GrandCamp. Fascinated by the concept, everyone wants to know more. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to providing you more information by answering the following questions:

  1. What is GrandCamp?
  2. How do I register my grandchild and me for GrandCamp?
  3. What if I can’t afford it?

What is GrandCamp?

Grand Camp is an amazing faith adventure designed to transport grandparents and their school-age grandchildren away from the distractions of everyday life to a place where God can do a powerful work, building a legacy of faith generation to generation.

Together, grandparents and grandchildren enjoy outdoor activities, study God’s word, create lasting memories and make new friends, all the while growing in their faith in Christ and their relationship with one another.

Cavin and Diane Harper established the first GrandCamp twenty-five years ago in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounding Pikes Peak, one-year after their oldest grandson was born. There are currently four GrandCamps in the United States and two in Canada. 

Each GrandCamp is unique. If you want to rock climb, pack your bags for Colorado; if you prefer sun and sand, head to the coast of Georgia. Some camps last five days, others last only three days. Despite these differences, all GrandCamps use the original format design that makes GrandCamps so impactful. This format includes daily intergenerational devotions led by a staff member, fun outdoor activities, Scripture memorization, and evening devotions led by grandparents in the privacy of their room (materials are provided). Additionally, grandparents receive instruction about the spoken blessing, so they can participate in the blessing ceremony at the end of the week.

How do I register my grandchild and me for GrandCamp?

Before registering, you need to talk with the parents of your grandchildren and receive their permission to take your grandchildren to GrandCamp. I advise that you talk with the parents as you consider the following questions:

  • Which GrandCamp do you want to attend? (Be sure to consider locations and dates.)
  • How many grandchildren do you want to take?
  • What are your travel arrangements?

In order to decide on location, please visit the GrandCamp page on Christian Grandparenting Network’s website (GrandCamps – Christian Grandparenting Network). Scroll to the bottom of the page, (or click here) to Find a GrandCamp, where you will be provided a map of the United States and Canada. Red markers denote the locations of the camps. When you click on a marker in a particular location, you will see the camp’s location, dates for the current year, someone to contact and registration information.

The decision about how many grandchildren to bring to GrandCamp is a difficult one. I joined the Southeastern GrandCamp staff when our oldest grandchild was only seven-months old; therefore, I had plenty of time to contemplate this question and seek the advice of trusted GrandCamp alumni. Some grandparents recommend bringing one grandchild per year while other grandparents recommend the whole crew at one time. Some recommend bringing siblings; others suggest cousins, so they can get to know each other better.  After contemplating this question for years, I now believe that it’s a decision that you have to make for your own family. I have noticed, however, that a single grandparent who has more than two grandchildren often struggles.

What if I can’t afford the travel?

Christian Grandparenting Network is aware that the cost of GrandCamp is expensive and can be prohibitive given the increased cost of travel. Therefore, we are thrilled to offer two other options: Grand Day Out and DIY GrandCamp.

In 2017, Christian Grandparenting Network introduced the Grand Day Out format for churches. This one-or-two-day program provides a powerful introduction to the GrandCamp experience through the local church. For more information, please visit Grand Day Out – Christian Grandparenting Network and share it with your pastor. Don’t forget to check out the Grand Day Out curriculum theme packs on our website.

Any grandparent is qualified to host a DIY GrandCamp! All you need is one or more grandchildren, God’s Word, a spark of imagination, lots of love and the expectation to have fun. For more help and encouragement, please refer to the GrandCamp Field Guide, which is available in print or download format. GrandCamp Field Guide – Christian Grandparenting Network

Closing Thoughts:

Having experienced the five-day GrandCamp, a Grand Day Out and a DIY camp, I can attest to the fact that all three types of camp are a wonderful investment. Together, you and your grandchildren will draw closer to Christ as you study God’s Word. Hearts will be changed, and your relationship with one another will strengthen as you try new adventures, laugh, share stories, and create lasting memories. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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