Family Month of Prayer

A prayer journey for the entire family.

There are very few things that have a greater impact upon the health of strong biblical families than prayer. Not only praying FOR our families, but also praying WITH them.

With this in mind, Christian Grandparenting Network is thrilled to invite you and all the members of your family to join us this January as we observe Family Month of Prayer.

This observance is a powerful opportunity for families – from grandparents to parents to children – to develop a regular prayer practice thereby building a strong and stable faith foundation. And what better time to establish new habits than the beginning of a new year?

Each day as your family meets together you will be prompted with a key Scripture passage, daily focus, short devotion, and prayer. All of this can be found in the Family Month of Prayer Guidebook which is structured around four major themes. And for those who like, supplemental resources are available to help all family members stay focused and get more out of the journey.

Available resources include:

  • Guidebook
  • Journal
  • Kids’ Journal
  • Mission Statement Worksheets
  • Family Worship Worksheets
  • Scripture Cards
  • Prayer Cards
  • Calendar

The Family Month of Prayer Guidebook is available in both digital (free download) and physical (available for purchase through the store) formats. All other resources are available as free digital files.

Please know that this is not another gimmick. It’s not another program. Family Month of Prayer is an opportunity to overcome a foe that relentlessly preys upon our children and grandchildren while helping the generations of our families stand firm in the faith.