Family Month of Prayer: A Prayer Journey for the Entire Family

written by Deborah Haddix
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“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working,” (James 5:16b).

Prayer is key. 

Ephesians 6:12-18 tells us that prayer is our greatest weapon and first defense in the spiritual battle in which we find ourselves. And in Revelation 3:20, we find that prayer is our response to God’s Invitation – an invitation He does not extend out of obligation but out of pure love and a desire to be with us.

In my finite mind, these two reasons alone provide enough encouragement to support making prayer a priority. However, our gracious and loving God knows our frame, and so He provides more, abundantly more.

Consider just these few additional and extremely powerful reasons for prayer.

First, throughout Scripture, prayer is modeled for us. From cover to cover the example is there. We see it modeled by the Old Testament patriarchs; Jesus, Himself; the apostles; and in the letters of the Epistles. Secondly, prayer is not limited by boundaries. There are no generational boundaries when it comes to prayer, neither are there any boundaries dictated by miles of distance. And for those who live with boundaries imposed by their adult children – not being able to share Christ with their grandchildren or to even see their grandchildren – strength and comfort can be found in the knowledge that prayer knows no boundaries.

As I think on them, there are so many glorious benefits to prayer. We could actually go on filling page after page. Before we move on, however, let me share two of my favorites when it comes to being a grandparent. First, prayer is the channel through which God is moved to shape the lives of others. This means that when we pray for our grandchildren, eternity-impacting power is unleashed upon their lives. (WOW, if that isn’t a powerful thought!) And, secondly, prayer is one means by which a legacy of faith can be passed to our grandchildren. Revelation 5:8 tells us that our prayers never die. They are, in fact, our legacy.


Our prayers are crucial. They are crucial to our grandchildren, our adult children, and our families. In fact, there are very few things that have a greater impact upon the health of strong biblical families than prayer. Not only our prayers FOR our families, but also the prayers that we pray WITH our families. 

It is with this in mind that Christian Grandparenting Network is thrilled to invite you and all the members of your family to join us this January as we observe Family Month of Prayer.

This observance is a powerful opportunity for families – from grandparents to parents to children – to develop a regular prayer practice thereby building a strong and stable faith foundation. And what better time to establish new habits than the beginning of a new year?


Each day as your family meets together you will be prompted with a key Scripture passage, daily focus, short devotion, and prayer. All of this can be found in the Family Month of Prayer Guidebook which is structured around four major themes. (And for those who like, supplemental resources are available to help all family members stay focused and get more out of the journey.)

Available resources include:

  • Guidebook
  • Journal
  • Kids’ Journal
  • Mission Statement Worksheets
  • Family Worship Worksheets
  • Scripture Cards
  • Prayer Cards
  • Calendar

You can learn more about Family Month of Prayer and all the available resources by visiting our website.

Please know that this is not another gimmick. It’s not another program. Family Month of Prayer is an opportunity to overcome a foe that relentlessly preys upon our children and grandchildren while helping the generations of our families stand firm in the faith.

We pray you and your family will join us in the New Year, bathing our families in a focused month of prayer beginning on January 1, 2023.

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Deborah Haddix


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