Life: Precious and God-Given

written by Sherry Schumann
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I stared in wonder at the ultrasound image, my heart filled with love. Here was our seventh grandchild being knit together in his mother’s womb. 

I couldn’t help but wonder how God was wiring together this precious child. Will he scramble up a tree in the blink of an eye, or read voraciously like his mama does? Will he spend hours combing the beach for hermit crabs, create a masterpiece from a lump of clay, or ask us to pitch the ball just one more time?

Regardless, I knew this child was already “God’s handiwork” (Ephesians 2:10) and that God has a special plan for his life.

National Sanctity of Human Life Day:

Yesterday, our nation celebrated National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, this day was set aside to celebrate the gift and sanctity of life.

When we state our belief in the sanctity of life, we acknowledge that everyone is made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28). This belief is foundational to understanding our identity, significance, purpose, and worth as humans.

My heart breaks every time I read another article about an abducted or abused child, cyber bullying, teenage suicide, the climbing abortion rate, or a school shooting. These commonly occurring injustices, committed against both the born and unborn, give evidence to the fact that human life is no longer respected or celebrated among many in today’s culture.

Celebrate National Sanctity of Human Life Day:

It’s not too late to recognize this special day. Here are some ideas.

  • Take a moment to appreciate the oxygen filling your lungs. Give thanks to God for the life he has given you, your children (including in-laws), and grandchildren.
  • Write a note or send a text to your children and/or grandchildren letting them know how thankful you are for their presence in your life.
  • Tell your grandchildren about their unique qualities and remind them of the special future God has planned for them.
  • Meditate on and memorize verses of Scripture that affirm the sanctity of life. (See the Scripture list below.)
  • Pray for those precious children who are bullied, abandoned, neglected, abused, or caught in the web of human trafficking.
  • Help unwed mothers and young families who are struggling to make ends meet. Take a meal, pay their electric bill, provide babysitting, listen to their story, and welcome them at church.
  • Pray for healing for those who grieve about their decision to have an abortion. (See the prayer below.)
  • Donate financially to an organization that helps unwed mothers.
  • Pray for a national revival of respect for human life.

Our seventh grandchild, with whom we have fallen head-over-heels in love, will soon be walking. God gave him his mother’s beautiful dark brown eyes and his daddy’s tall stature. Every time I think of this precious bundle of joy and give thanks, I am reminded that the God-given gift of life is one that should be treasured, protected, and sanctified.

Scripture that affirms the sanctity of life:

  • Genesis 1:27
  • Jeremiah 1:4-5
  • Psalm 139:13-16
  • Ephesians 2:10
  • Exodus 20:13
  • Isaiah 49:16
  • Luke 12:6-7
  • Genesis 9:6
  • Psalm 8:4-5
  • Psalm 127:3
  • Matthew 19:18

Prayer for those who have been affected by abortion:

Lord Jesus,

We pray for the many women who grieve silently and suffer from unremitting guilt and shame because of abortion. They don’t need our judgment; they need our understanding and prayers.

Please heal them, Lord. Shine the light of your love into their present darkness. Bind up their broken hearts, wipe the tears from their eyes, and give them the perfect freedom found only in you.

“Bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair” (Isaiah 61:3, NIV).

In Your Precious Name, we pray.


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  1. Kathie Schiedel

    Execllent blog, Sherry. Actually, Isaiah 61:3 is one of my favourite verses on hope. Only Christ, who is our salvation, can bring about beauty, joy, and praise when our hearts are heavy beyond bearing. I love the rest of the verse as well; for only is Christ are we strong. He is our strength and salvation – Psalm 118:14. Thanks so much for sharing these truths with others. And, for great ideas on practical ways we can encourage others in the Lord.


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