Keep Jesus Close

written by Lee Jones
1 · 09 · 23

The days that my children were born are some of the happiest of my life. Our friends came to see us, brought presents, festive flowers, and a bow to hang on the door. It reminded me of the way we celebrate Jesus’ birth. I saw similarities between visitors to the manger, the gifts of the wisemen, and our trips to see loved ones with presents for everyone.

I love celebrating the birthdays of my children and grandchildren. To me, they are the most precious people on Earth. But what if we only acknowledged our family members on their birthdays? What if we only acknowledged their presence during one month of a year? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? 

Sometimes that’s how we treat Jesus. We spend every moment of December preparing for Christmas Day, and every other month with Jesus in the background of our lives.

What if we kept our attention on Jesus every day of the year? Imagine the impact if we not only worshiped Him faithfully every day, but also shared our faith with our families and friends. 

I read recently that there are 8 billion people on Earth. Over 2 billion of them identify as Christians. I wonder how many of these 2.2 billion Christians invite Jesus into their daily lives. Many families are in church on Christmas Eve but not the Sunday after Christmas. If only everyone knew how their lives would change if they lived with the presence of Jesus in their hearts!

How can we share our faith with the people in our world?

  • Listen
  • Love
  • Share
  • Support
  • Pray
  • Be Patient

Jesus comes to us every day in love, strength, comfort, and grace. Let us turn to Him in thanksgiving and show His love to the world.

Oh, come let us adore Him – every day of the year.

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Lee Jones


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