“Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.” (Isaiah 65:24)

One of the greatest encouragements found in the Bible is the promise that God is attentive to the prayers of His children. Look with me at these beautiful nuggets of encouragement from this short verse in Isaiah 65.

Nuggets of Encouragement from Isaiah 65:24

  • Before we utter a word, He answers.
  • He hears, while the words are being formed in our mouth.
  • He will answer.
  • He will hear.

If these simple observations were not encouragement enough, a closer examination of the verse provides even more. 

Let’s begin by asking what this verse tells us about God?

He is Faithful

This verse in Isaiah tells us that God hears our prayers and responds. In a noisy, busy world where others don’t always seem to hear us, how reassuring it is to know that He hears – every time.

He is Loving

Our Heavenly Father does not ignore us or act as though He did not hear us. He responds. Perhaps not in the way we hope or expect, but He does respond – in perfect love, for our good and ultimately for His glory.

He is Gracious and Compassionate

If we are honest with ourselves, can we say we truly listen each and every time someone speaks to us? I mean, really listen – for what is being said. Or would we have to admit that often we are instead, thinking about how we will respond or the next thing on our to-do list? With infinite grace and inexhaustible compassion, God listens.

And if that were not enough (wait for it…), we are assured that God not only hears our prayers and responds, He waits for them – expectantly!

Making it Personal

Weary grandparent, no matter what is on your mind or what you are facing:

  • Influences of a post-Christian culture on your grandchildren.
  • A child or grandchild who is making poor decisions.
  • Divorce within the family.
  • A grandchild dealing with serious negative peer pressure.
  • An adult child who forbids you to talk about God in front of your grandchildren.
  • A wayward grandchild.
  • Serious illness within the family.
  • A broken family.
  • Addiction.

Keep the Isaiah 65:24 promise in mind. No, claim it for your own.

God is attentive to YOUR prayers.

He hears each one. In perfect love, He will respond.

He is waiting – expectantly!

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