Would you like to invest quality time with your grandchildren in a beautiful Christian camp setting where both generations create lasting precious memories while receiving Bible-based instruction and participating in lots of fun and meaningful activities? 

Does this idea sound too good to be true? We assure you it can all happen when you participate in  GrandCamp, a specially crafted retreat for grandparents and their seven to twelve-year-old grandchildren. 

Here’s what one granddaughter said about her experience: “Words cannot express how much I love  GrandCamp. Few people are blessed with such a precious time with their grandparents. I wouldn’t trade  GrandCamp for the world.” 

Another offered this summary: “What makes GrandCamp fun for me are all the activities we do each day,  and the special time set aside for Family Time, learning about God and the Bible. I will always cherish all the  good memories GrandCamp has provided. I love every minute of it.” 

And it’s not just the kids who sing its praise! Here are the words of a parent: “GrandCamp is a great  gift! Our kids look forward to GrandCamp as much or more than any other activity throughout the year. They  have grown closer to their grandparents than I ever would have imagined.” 

When you see testimonials like these, you can understand why the Christian Grandparenting  Network (CGN) has a twenty-plus year history of first hosting these retreats and now helping others sponsor them. 

To expand the availability of these opportunities to many more families, we’re pleased to say GrandCamp is now available in several alternative settings. 

Overnight Camps 

The longtime favorite format is the multi day overnight retreat that’s now offered at six sites in the U.S. and Canada.  

Please don’t let the name mislead you! Although it’s a GrandCamp, you’ll be provided with  comfortable motel-style lodging and good meals, so there’s no sleeping bags, cooking, or cleaning up.  

While there, you will enjoy various activities that include these six elements: 

  • Daily worship and Bible study, with scripture memorization around a central theme.
    Games and other organized fun for everyone together. 
  • Separate activities for children while you receive guidance from speakers to help serve your multi-generation family. 
  • Free time in the afternoons that allow each family to draw closer together while building special memories. 
  • Evening family devotionals that equip and encourage you to tell your grandchildren how God has been active throughout your life. 
  • A spoken blessing that you deliver over each of your grandchildren. 

Typically, six camps meet throughout the summer in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New  York, South Carolina and Alberta. Depending on the site, camp lasts as many as six days and five  nights, or as few as three days and two nights. Click on grandcamps.com/grandcamp-locations/ to see  specific locations and schedules. You can also learn other facts by clicking on each camp’s link. 

Other Options

But, there’s more to GrandCamp than these wonderful overnight retreats. 

First, CGN has developed materials and can provide coaching to help anyone who might want to  offer a GrandCamp in their home for their own grandchildren. If you’re interested, look into the  GrandCamp Field Guide at grandcamps.com/shop. This book contains all you’ll need to plan and host an event that you and your grandchildren will always remember. Of course, when you do it yourself, you  get to decide how long it will last and which of the available activities you’ll use. You  can also learn more about the Guide in Larry McCall’s blog, “DIY GrandCamp,” at CGN’s website: christiangrandparenting.com/blog.  

Second, you may want to explore the possibility of starting a new overnight GrandCamp to be  offered through your church or a local or regional association. To support that effort, we have  produced complete and proven helpful materials, called ThemePaks, available at grandcamps.com/shop. In addition, we are available to help you learn more or to help you plan your event. 

Finally, we know it’s daunting to think about starting a multi-day retreat. CGN ThemePaks has an option to help you put on a one-day program called Grand Day Out,  a mini-version of GrandCamp to host at your church, a camp, or elsewhere. It includes brief versions of the elements we described above – especially the spoken blessing. This  format involves less organizational effort and expense for both the sponsor and participants while providing wonderful memories for everyone. Of course, we’re here to help you plan one of  these events, too. 

Who are we? 

We’re Diana and Paul Miller in Colorado Springs, grandparents of nine, long-time friends of  Cavin Harper, and volunteer GrandCamp Coaches and Consultants with CGN. It’s our privilege to work with both the existing camp sponsors and others who would like to start camps. 

We’re more than pleased to be available when you want to know more about attending or  starting a GrandCamp. Please contact us at pbwmiller@gmail.com. We are happy to answer  your questions and encourage you in any way we can. 

Our book, A Guide to Great Grandparenting, is available at christiangrandparenting.com/shop/ or through Amazon.

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