National Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2021

Why do we gather? As grandparents we desire to learn, live, and leave a legacy of faith. We realize that is utterly impossible without the indwelling guidance and wisdom that comes through God’s Word and the Spirit. Undergirding all this is our desire to gather together to pray, praise, and worship our Lord.

We come together to learn. 

Over eight sessions, the scriptures will be opened and shared instructing us in the way and offering practical helps to live it out. These sessions are led by experienced incredible Christian speakers who will challenge, equip, and encourage us.

We come together to encourage one another

We are a community of grandparents who see the state of our country and the ungodly culture invading our lives. We desire to make a difference. Over these sessions, we will be lifted up not only through the speakers but through the highly gifted musicians and artists. We will be built up in the faith and for the task of leaving a lasting legacy of faith. As stories are shared, we will realize we are not alone – we are part of a community of grandparents. Resources will be shared to help you whether your grandparenting is fun and faith filled or painful and difficult. We are here to serve and equip you.

We come together to challenge

How can you purposefully use this season of your life to leave a strong legacy of faith? The speakers will spur you on to think deeper and wider. As in Hebrews 10:24-25, we desire to stir you up to a greater love and good works when it comes to your family. Does your family need reconciliation and restoration? Rob Rienow will discuss this in his session. Do you need to know how to pray in a powerful way? Sherry Schumann will share her proven methods. Do you desire to advance the kingdom of God in a more impactful way? John Stonestreet will cover this in his session. 

Check out for all the great topics and speakers. 

We come together with various options. 

There are two great options for you to attend. There is a live broadcast site in Birmingham, Alabama. Additionally there are over 113 sites scattered across the United States and provinces of Canada where you can access the Summit. Go to for all you need to know about locations, speakers, schedules, topics and more. 


Come and Gather – Go forth inspired and equipped to leave a legacy of faith!

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