written by Cavin Harper
11 · 07 · 11

It’s time for grandparents everywhere to wake up, get up and live up to our role as Christian grandparents and do something for the sake of our children and grandchildren! God is looking for grandparents who will authentically and compassionately represent Christ to the next generations. Will you be one of them and join the cause?

I am writing to you because I believe you are one of them. To that end, I want to tell you about three momentous projects CGN (Christian Grandparenting Network) is championing and ask you to join us in this cause on behalf of the next generations.

Project Number One: Make the Grandparent’s Day of Prayer an annual event. As part of our G@P (Grandparents At Prayer) ministry, this national event was launched this year calling for grandparents across North America to pray for our grandchildren as they navigate this turbulent world. Coinciding with the official National Grandparents’ Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day, Grandparent’s Day will now also be the National Grandparents’ Day of Prayer. Here are three ways you can help champion this ministry of prayer for the next generations:

1) Organize a G@P group in your church or community to pray monthly. Contact us at to receive information for starting a G@P group;

2) Talk to your pastor or appropriate ministry leader about organizing a National Grandparents’ Day of Prayer event in your church next September. Visit our web site at to find out more about this opportunity;

3) Make a contribution to provide the necessary resources and materials used by G@P and Grandparents’ Day of Prayer groups nationwide.

Project Number Two: Launch our new NOT ON OUR WATCH! Campaign designed to promote intentional, godly grandparenting that effectively represents Christ to the next generations. Utilizing seminars and conferences we want to call the local church and individual grandparents to wake up, get up and live up to God’s call for godly grandparents in these times. Plans are underway to create a teaching DVD of the seminar topics so any church can host a seminar without undue financial burden. Here’s how you can help make this possible:

1) Talk to your pastor about hosting a seminar in your church or community. Contact me at or call 719-522-1404 to get more information;

2) Make a financial gift to help with the costs to produce and distribute the teaching DVD tool across the nation.

Project Number Three: Expand our GRANDCAMP ministry to meet the growing demand by offering multiple locations around the country so more people can be involved. Such an expansion will necessitate hiring qualified Directors. At the same time we want to continue our scholarship program for military families so the children of military servicemen and women can attend GrandCamp each year with their grandparents. This summer six military families were able to attend GrandCamp because of your generosity. Help us continue this program as a way to honor and bless our military families who sacrifice so much for us.

Your financial and personal support helps transform ideas into reality. Will you give a gift of $50, $100, $200 or more to help advance one of more of these ministry projects? No gift is too small. Your gift serves as a conduit of God’s grace and blessing for a child, a grandparent and a family somewhere—perhaps yours! Thank you for your partnership.

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