Taipei, Taiwan

By Erika Castle

As the Olympic games draw ever closer, fans around the world are watching as everyday people bring the Olympic torch toward its final destination in Beijing. The torch route has taken us through Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. Next up? Taiwan, a country notorious for its strong work ethic.

Known for its innovative approach to business, Taiwan has created a nation of aspiring entrepreneurs. Their lifestyle of discipline, punctuality, and commitment applies not just to their work, but to their home life as well. In fact, for Taiwanese people, business and family are not two separate parts of life—they are the same thing! Families work together, and they often succeed in business by building capital for the next generation to invest. This is why there is no social security system in Taiwan.

Building capital for the next generation is a big part of what parenting and grandparenting are all about. Part of the capital we build for our families is financial, but there are many other kinds of capital as well: spiritual capital, emotional capital—even fun capital!

Security is another form of capital—for a family and for a nation. When American soldiers go overseas, they are working to preserve and build the security capital of our country. Sadly, however, when soldiers go overseas to build capital for our country, they often give up capital in their own families—financial capital, emotional capital, security capital, and even fun capital. We should never ask soldiers to sacrifice their family’s capital to build capital for our nation. But that’s exactly what happens if we don’t step in and help.

That’s what Military Kids Grand Camp is all about. From June 16 to 20, Christian Grandparenting Network will be hosting the first ever Grand Camp especially for military kids whose parents are presently deployed overseas. Those military kids are their grandparents are going to be hosted for free in a wonderful week of capital building for some of America’s most important but most neglected families.

But we need your help to provide the financial capital necessary to cover their camp costs—and time is running out!

Make a donation to send a kid to camp for just $350!

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