Graduation season is upon us and many grandparents are looking for a simple, but meaningful gift for a grandchild. Here are ten ideas to consider. Be creative and share your faith heritage through your gift giving this graduation season. Above all, think memory with meaning. If possible, be there in person to celebrate with a grandchild.

  1. Personalized photography: Frame a memorable event of the graduating grandchild, even better if you are in the photo together.
  2. Overnight bag: Invite your grandchild to come see you, especially if he or she is going away to college.
  3. Heirloom jewelry: Pass on a special piece to your college-bound grandchild and write a note that it is a reminder that you are with him or her.
  4. An experience: Purchase tickets around what interests your grandchild, such as music or sports. Be creative. Continue to make memories, even as they grow older.
  5. Talk time: Ask your grandchild to teach you how to use Skype, Marco Polo, or Zoom so you can stay in communication. Choose the method that works best for you.
  6. Handwritten letter: Tell them you love them, are there for them, and will be praying for them during this next season of life. You may want to include specific Scriptures you will pray.
  7. Scrapbook of memories: Create a book of photos and journal entries about what you did together.
  8. Family memento: Share its meaning, when you received it, and why you are passing it on to your grandchild.
  9. T-shirt quilt: Order or make a quilt using a grandchild’s old T-shirts. You will need to collect these shirts from camp, school, and family trips. You can find a company online by Googling T-shirt quilt. Send the company the T-shirts, and they do the rest.
  10. Gift cards for gas, restaurants, clothing or electronic stores where they shop.


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