Our grandchildren’s parents have a great responsibility for parenting our grandchildren in these uncertain, unstable times in which we live. In today’s broken world, we see the fragile family unit, living amid a busy environment filled with moral and spiritual battles. Young families are busy with their jobs and find many distractions in their marriage and parenting responsibilities.

Jeff Keaton, president of Renewanation, writes in his article, The battle is hot, but hope is not lost,The worldview divide is now so wide that it’s hard even to have a sensible conversation or debate around issues like the role of government, education, abortion, transgenderism, etc. What we are seeing is the devolving of a truth-based, Judeo-Christian culture and the evolving of a non-truth based, secularized culture.”

In John 10:10, we read where Jesus said to his disciples, “The thief comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have abundant life.” The enemy is determined and relentless to distract and steal our grandchildren, and their parents’ faith as our media-driven culture has pushed the boundaries of right and wrong. The movies, music, TV, video games, and Internet are desensitizing our grandchildren. They face legal recreational marijuana, other drugs, sex trafficking, alcohol, sexual identity confusion, homosexuality, pornography, premarital sex, and more.  

Grandparents need to intentionally pray that parents will not be distracted and overwhelmed by the influence of a culture hostile to the Truth. The enemy is watching for vulnerable spots and the unguarded doors of each of our hearts. Stand in the gap, praying for the spiritual, emotional, and physical protection of those who are under attack. It’s imperative to pray God will give parents wisdom and time management in their monumental task of guiding our grandchildren in the ways of the Lord.    

To pray effectively, we need to know the frustrations, fears, concerns, and expectations parents have for our grandchildren. Ask them, “What are the issues you are dealing with, and how can we pray for you?”   

When I don’t know how to pray for my grandchildren and their parents, I ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for me. The Holy Spirit knows their needs, so I ask him to intercede for me according to God’s will, according to Romans 8:26. This keeps me from giving God my plan of answering my prayers, and comforts me to know I can put my concerns in God’s hands instead of carrying them myself.  

Often, my prayers are not answered on my timetable. In waiting, God does amazing things in my life and the lives of my grandchildren and their parents. However, God will acknowledge our intercessory prayers and answer them at just the right time.  

According to God’s Word, praying for our grandchildren and their parents should be a high priority for grandparents. Therefore, pray that your grandchildren’s parents will experience the abundant life Jesus offers and pass it on to their children to follow Jesus.

Prayer for My Grandchildren’s Parents

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for the parents of my grandchildren
I pray you will help them to value my grandchildren in the same way You value them.
I pray they will commit to the responsibility You have given them
to teach their children to love You and live according to your parenting manual: God’s Word.
May my grandchildren see their home and family as a “safe place.”
Help them to be fair and understand my grandchildren as You understand us.
Pour out your Spirit upon them as they parent my dear grandchildren.
May God bless them richly as they parent with a purpose.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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