Jesus is the Gate

written by Terri Sherrow
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Shepherds in the first century would keep their sheep in pens at night to rest securely. The sheep pen was a rough circle of piled rocks with a small open space to enter. Since there was just an opening, with no gate to close, the shepherd would keep the sheep in and wild animals out by lying across the opening. Because sheep are easily susceptible to injuries and are helpless against predators, their safety was totally dependent on the shepherd who tended them. When Jesus says, “I am the gate for the sheep,” (John 10:7, NIV) he is declaring that we are his sheep and always under his protection. There is no greater security than having Christ guard the gate between us and the dangers of the world.


John 10:7, “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.’”

Why does Jesus refer to himself as the gate?

As the gate, Jesus stands guard over all who are entrusted to him. John 10:9, “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.”

How can we enter through the gate?

Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, by faith, as their Savior and repents of sin is assured of having entered through the gate.

What happens when we enter through the gate?

We gain entrance into the loving security of God and the protection of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.


Father in Heaven,

Thank you for your Son, who is the gate and defender from all forms of harm. We give praise that Jesus is the gate, the door, the opening, and the passageway to an eternal life with you. Through him we have peace in knowing he is always guarding us from the dangers of this world. Lord, when we forget and try to protect ourselves, help us to remember that it is through Christ where we will find safety and security under his gracious protection.

In Jesus’ precious name,


Remember: Grandparents’ Day of Prayer on September 11th.  For more information, see  Grandparents Day of Prayer – Christian Grandparenting Network

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Terri Sherrow

Terri Sherrow serves as the Prayer Ministry Coordinator. She is our monthly blog writer who develops user-friendly devotions for grandparents and grandchildren. She leads a Grandparents @ Prayer (G@P) Group in her home church, Clear Creek Baptist Church, where she also serves as Prayer Ministry Director, teaches and writes Sunday school lessons.


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