Grandparents’ Day of Prayer Radio Interview

written by Cavin Harper
9 · 01 · 12

It is only seven more days until Grandparents Day of Prayer on September 9, 2012. I hope you have made plans to pray with other grandparents or have decided to make it a special time alone with God praying especially for your grandchildren and their parents.

Not On My Watch is a radio program for grandparents, about grandparents and by grandparents. If you’re a new grandparent, an expectant grandparent, an experienced grandparent, even if you’re not a grandparent, but you care about today’s kids. Not On My Watch will link you with tools and information to help you be an effective conduit of blessing for the next generations.

Will you take a moment to listen to the podcast on August 26? I was interviewed on the Not On My Watch radio broadcast hosted Cavin Harper, Executive Director of Christian Grandparenting Network about the Grandparents Day of Prayer coming up next Sunday. The program is aired on radio station KRDO 105.5 FM/1240 AM in Colorado Springs, CO. You can listen live via internet streaming at, or get the podcast available at

I also urge you to go to, to sign up so we can know that you are going to be praying for your grandchildren on Grandparents Day of Prayer. You will then be able to download a free copy of “31 Scriptures to Pray for your Grandchildren.” This resource will guide you in your prayer time. If you want additional information, email me at

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“The prayer of a righteous grandparent (man) is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b).


Lillian Penner

National Prayer Coordinator

Christian Grandparenting Network

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Cavin Harper


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