Submit a Resource

In keeping with our mission, Christian Grandparenting Network (CGN) is eager to introduce Christian grandparents to solid, Gospel-centered resources that will help equip and empower them in their biblical role.

When considering resources, our first priority is alignment with the CGN Values. Before proceeding, we ask that you please read through the CGN Values below and examine your resource for “fit.”

CGN Values

  • Gospel-centered. Everything that is written should point readers to the gospel. The primary issue is always a matter of the heart, which is transformed only by God through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Biblical. We believe in the sufficiency of the Bible for all matters of life and godliness. We value resources that align with the Christian Grandparenting Network statement of faith, are grounded in the Word, and help a person understand and apply the Bible to life.  
  • Church-friendly. Resources should build the church, speak positively of the bride of Christ, and support the valuable work of church leaders. Our resources should encourage grandparents to engage with a local congregation of believers.
  •  Family-equipping. We value resources that help grandparents accomplish the biblical role God has given them.

If  you have determined that your resource is a “fit” with the CGN Values, please continue to the submission form. A member of our team will be happy to review your resource and get back with you as soon as possible.