Thumbody’s ABC Book of Who is God?


Thumbody’s ABC Book of Who is God? by Deborah Haddix

Curious by nature, “Thumbody” has lots of questions. This colorful picture book helps him as he seeks to answer the question, “Who is God?” Using Scripture and working A to Z, “Thumbody” is introduced to many characteristics and names that help deepen his understanding of the nature of God..

Thumbody’s ABC Book of Who is God? is a fun and powerful tool for grandparents (or any other adult)!

Fun because it can be personalized. By using an ink pad to place your thumbprint on each page, you add the main character to the book. The addition of your thumbprint also helps to make this book a unique keepsake.

Fun because it’s part coloring book to be enjoyed by your grandchildren.

Powerful because it helps your grandchild discover more about the nature of God. In an A to Z format, readers are introduced to more than fifty characteristics of God that come straight from Scripture.

Powerful because the content offers valuable opportunities for authentic, age-appropriate conversations about biblical truth.

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