Streams of Light from a Heart Broken


Streams of Light from a Heart Broken by Julie Grant

After Julie Grant’s husband, John, died abruptly, she found herself in that allegorical valley and discovered her faith was the only source of light that could pierce the darkness. In Streams of Light from a Heart Broken, she narrates the story of her journey.

Throughout this devotional, Grant acknowledges that grief is hard. There is absolutely no part of grieving that is remotely pleasant. It is not a systematic, box-ticking list of emotions you proceed through to completion. Grieving, like living, is a process determined by the choices you make on the journey, and there are always choices.

Streams of Light from a Heart Broken addresses the questions: Where do you turn when the darkness overwhelms? Who do you turn to? How do you extend grace when words meant for comfort leave you deeply wounded? Is forward momentum even possible? Through her experiences, Grant hopes her words encourage others as they seek the brightest light in their darkest night.

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