Raising Your Grandchildren


Raising Your Grandchildren by Cavin Harper

You thought you were done raising children. But now, unexpectedly, your child isn’t able to raise their own children, so you step up to fill in the gap.

But what comes next? Do you have the energy to get the job done? Are you equipped in this ever-changing world? And will you be able to help your grandchildren draw close to the God you love?

In Raising Your Grandchildren, you’ll discover practical tools as well as the encouragement you need to find hope in Christ and strength for the journey ahead. WIth wisdom and compassion, this book focuses on common emotional and spiritual challenges, and along the way, readers will hear true stories from other grandparents who have gone down this road.

No one expects to be a grandparenting raising a grandchild, and it can be a daunting task. But take courage – it can also be a blessing. Let this book be your guide to finding hope and joy in the journey.

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