Intentional Grandparenting with God’s Vision


Intentional Grandparenting with God’s Vision by Larry Hoekman

You already care deeply about your precious grandchildren. This book is designed to show you what intentional grandparenting looks like from God’s word, as well as provide you with practical tools and strategies to make that happen. Many fun and interesting stories from various grandparenting perspectives are shared throughout the book. Here is what others are saying about the impact this information made on them: “. . . I really believed that I was the best grandmother on the planet. However, you have revealed so many new aspects of grandparenting for my consideration. I have truly benefitted, and thus my grandchildren will benefit. God is so good!” And another: “I knew I was important, but didn’t realize how much influence I have on their lives. It’s exciting!”

The Bible has very specific grandparenting instructions in Deuteronomy, teaching us what to say and what to do with our grandkids, as well as why we are to say and do those things. In addition there are several scriptural references which expand on God’s vision for us in this most important role. You’ll also discover multiple ways to be more intentional, proactive, and purposeful as you interact with your kids and grandkids. Your kids are the conduit to your grandkids, so various approaches are presented to maintain and further your relationship with them as well.

Included are chapters on:

  • God’s plan for the family
  • His specific plan for grandparents
  • Impacting the hearts of your grandkids
  • Leaving a Godly legacy
  • Becoming a purposeful memory maker
  • Long distance grandparenting
  • Dealing with divorce; and much more

Each chapter ends with an Action Plan designed to help you in putting what you’ve learned into practice. Sound exciting? Start reading and have your grandparenting minds transformed by God’s plans and purposes for you as a Godly grandparent!

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