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Legacy Grandparenting is a one-of-a-kind resource featuring eight family ministry experts with over six hours of video. This 10-session DVD series and its companion discussion guide are packed with powerful messages, sound biblical principles, and practical ideas to help Sunday school classes, small groups, churches, and grandparents intentionally influence grandchildren for Christ.

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Help Your Grandchildren Develop a Lifelong Faith in Jesus.

Many powerful voices are influencing your grandchildren, from those at home and in their schools to those in the world of entertainment and media. What can you as a grandparent do to speak wisdom and godliness into their lives?

Grandparenting gives you a biblical foundation for investing spiritually in your grandchildren, walking you through principles of influencing them for Christ—from sharing with unbelieving grandkids to discipling them into a mature faith and numerous sessions for church leaders who want to start a grandparenting ministry.

Perfect for individual use, small groups, or Sunday school classes, this DVD provides all the tools you need to influence the next generation.

Session 1: Why Establish a Grandparent Ministry?

Session 2: What Is the Biblical Role of a Grandparent?

Session 3: How to Pass Faith to Future Generations

Session 4: Loving Grandkids in Scary Times

Session 5: Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Children

Session 6: Grandparenting Through a Child’s Divorce

Session 7: The Art of Single Grandparenting

Session 8: Passing on a Heritage of Faith with Enthusiasm and Joy

Session 9: How to Pray and Read the Bible with Your Grandchildren

Session 10: Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing

Each session is approximately 30 minutes. To get the most out of these videos, group leaders and participants will need a copy of the Grandparenting book.

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