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Grandparents are one of the most valuable resources in your church!

Many powerful voices are influencing young people today, from teachers and friends to celebrities and the media. To cut through all the noise, they need wise men and women to speak truth into their lives. Equipping Grandparents was written by family ministry experts to encourage church leaders to think about a demographic that has been overlooked and under-resourced in most churches: grandparents. Contributors include Larry Fowler, Cavin Harper, Sherry Shuman, Wayne Rice, John Coulombe, Joanne Lundberg and Josh Mulvihill

This book provides ideas and resources to help your church reach and disciple the youngest generation through grandparents. Get ready to see the lives of families changed as you help grandparents pass on their faith to their children’s children.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Grandparenting Matters by Larry Fowler
  2. Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents by Josh Mulvihill
  3. Starting a Legacy Grandparent Ministry in Your Church by Larry Fowler
  4. Helping Your Church Become More Intergenerational by Wayne Rice
  5. An Intergenerational Grandparenting Ministry Model by John Coulombe
  6. Ten Steps to Begin a Grandparent Ministry by Joanne Lundberg
  7. Casting the Vision to Your Pastor by Sherry Shuman
  8. Seriously, Another Program? What Does Grandparenting Ministry Really Mean for Pastors? by Cavin Harper
  9. Eight How-to Resources for Grandparents by Lynda Freeman
  10. Discipling Grandchildren: Fifteen Resources for Grandparents by Josh Mulvihill

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“Practical and biblical advice.”

Chuck Swindoll

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