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As a grandparent with a passion to impact your grandchildren for Christ, do you sometimes struggle to find fun and meaningful ways to disciple them and leave a lasting legacy of faith? Help is at hand in Discipling Your Grandchildren: Great Ideas to Help Them Know, Love, and Serve God, which contains hundreds of suggestions and strategies to help you do just that.

With an assortment of actionable ideas–from practical tips on how to better connect with your grandchildren to fun, age-appropriate activities–Discipling Your Grandchildren is an invaluable tool chest for grandparents who want to build a biblical foundation, lead by example, and point their grandchildren to Christ. Practical yet powerful, the information, ideas, and best practices shared in this book can be implemented and adapted in ways that work for your unique grandparenting situation, whether your grandchildren are two or twenty, around the corner or across the globe.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does the Bible Say about Grandparenting?

Five Characteristics of a Disciple-Making Grandparent

  1. Gifts, Encouragement, and Prayer

Gift Giving • Ten Graduation Gift Ideas • The Gift of a Bible • Connect Through Texts • Build Your Grandchild’s Library of Good Books • Books to Give and Enjoy Together • Giving Gifts of Experiences • Journaling Together • Praying for Each Other • Thirty Scriptures to Pray for Your Children and Grandchildren

  1. Intentional Meals

Long-Distance Dinners • Bake a Simple Recipe Three Different Ways • Checklist for Successful Meal Times with Small Children • Practice Mealtime Manners with a Tea Party • Learn about Missions by Enjoying an Ethnic Dinner • Preparing Dinner with Bible Ingredients • Thanking Parents with a Dinner

  1. Teaching God’s Word and Telling God’s Work

Disciple Grandchildren Using a Good Book • Wonderful Things in God’s Word • Utilize Your Skills by Teaching What You Know • Participate in Education • Being a Good Friend • Teaching Biblical Manhood to Boys • Go on a Virtual Tour of Israel • Take Notes in Church, Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count • Biblical Worldview Detector • Tell about Past Generations • Share Your Faith Story

  1. Reading and Memorizing the Bible

Check Out Unusual Verses • Make Magnets to Memorize a Verse • Use Objects to Memorize • Bible Character Biographies • Memorize the Books of the Bible • Summarize the Books of the Bible, Discuss the Sermon • Study the Bible Together • Take Photos to Illustrate a Verse

  1. Sharing the Gospel

EvangeCube • The Wordless Book • Romans Road • Share the Gospel Using Five Fingers and Five Verses • Dirty Water Experiment • Challenge Children to Think about Their Faith • Answer Hard Questions • Share Your Faith Story • Teach Children to Make Right Choices • Write a Psalm

  1. Serving Together

Get Involved in Their Activities • Practical Service Opportunities • Develop a Talent or Skill Together • Take a Mission Trip Together

  1. Relationship Building

Build Traditions Together • Make an Unfinished Photo Album • Send Unusual Mail • Celebrate the Start of a New School Year • Rubber Band Fight • Backyard Camping • Nerf Gun War • Family Fantasy Football League • Connect with Grandchildren via Social Media • Celebrate Major Milestones • Listening to Your Grandchildren • Visiting Great-Grandparents • Relating to Teens • Respect the Wishes of Non-Christian Parents

  1. For Your Home

Checklist for Successful Overnight Visits • Host Grandparent Camp • Welcoming Grandchildren into Your Home • Make and Use Prayer Cards • Honor Grandchildren in Your Home • Explore Your City • Stay Home Together • Write Notes while Visiting • Share Bedtime Stories from a Distance • 21 Activities with Grandchildren

  1. For Your Church

Launch a Grandparent Ministry • Participate in National Grandparents Day • Include Grandparents in Child Dedications • Participate in GrandCamp • Start a G@P Group • Organize a Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Holidays

New Year’s • Valentine’s Day • St. Patrick’s Day • Easter • Ideas for Spring • Memorial Day • Mother’s and Father’s Day • Ideas for Summer Vacation • Fourth of July • Ideas for Fall • Halloween • Thanksgiving • Christmas • Birthdays • Ideas to Celebrate Spiritual Birthdays

What others are Saying

“There is no more loving or sacred role than that of being a godly grandparent to the children entrusted to your family. To a child, no one is wiser or stronger than Grandpa. No heart is more loving, or lap quite so cozy, as Grandma’s. Nothing is closer to the heart of God or more central to the priorities of His Kingdom than the calling of bringing the little ones to Him. And nobody can do it quite like you, through your unique relationship—this book shows you how!”

Dr. Wess Stafford | president emeritus, Compassion International

“One of the questions I often receive from grandparents is ‘Do you have a good resource with lots of practical ideas for how to be intentional grandparents?’ Well, now we do. In this book, Josh, Jen, and Linda offer you a bounty of rich ideas any grandparent can do.”

Cavin Harper | founder,Christian Grandparenting Network

“You love your grandkids. Obviously! This book will help turn your love into Gospel-driven action. God has chosen you to be a grandparent for a reason. He has a call on your life to help those precious ones to know, love, and follow Jesus. The book you hold in your hands right now will equip you, encourage you, and give you practical ways to build strong relationships with your grandkids so that they might build strong relationships with God.”

Dr. Rob Rienow | founder, Visionary Family Ministries

“Discipling Your Grandchildren provides a valuable and practical blueprint, is easy to follow, full of wisdom and includes a multitude of activities that will forever impact your relationship with your grandchildren, and together your relationship in Christ. It is a ‘must read’ for intentional Christian grandparents.”

Dr. Vicki L. Rueckert | Timberline Grandparent Ministries Director

“As grandparents, we sometimes need new ideas of fun and meaningful ways to disciple our grandkids! We want to leave a lasting legacy of faith. We just read the new book Discipling Your Grandchildren. It contains lots of suggestions and ideas to help us do just that! This book might book might be helpful for you, too! We pray we can point our grandchildren to Christ.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | 19 Kids & Counting

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