Biblical Worldview


Biblical Worldview
What is it, why it matters, and how to shape the Worldview of the next generation

Dr. Josh Mulvihill

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In this brief book you’ll discover what a biblical worldview is, why it matters, and how to establish this foundation in the life of a child. Filled with practical tools and ideas, Biblical Worldview will help you lead children to lifelong faith in Jesus and a fruitful ministry serving him in the world. It’s a helpful resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, and church leaders–anyone that leads children in their spiritual development.

There is a battle being fought for the hearts and minds of children, and much is at stake. The world is working diligently to assimilate young people to its way of thinking. The beliefs our children develop inevitably shape their decisions and determine their eternal destiny. In a word, worldview is about beliefs. This book will equip you to help young people develop a strong biblical foundation and doctrinal framework for a biblical worldview.

Biblical worldview is built on the foundation of the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Bible. This book will help you establish this foundation in the hearts and minds of young people so that they trust the Bible, think about life from a Christian perspective, and live according to biblical principles.

Our worldview is developed as we establish beliefs about four critical topics: 1. Creation: How did I get here? What is my purpose? 2. Rebellion: What went wrong? Why is there evil and suffering? 3. Salvation: What is the solution? Where do I find hope? 4. Restoration: What happens in the future? How do we transform lives and change the world? These four pillars create the framework for a person s worldview. It is critical that all four pillars of faith are firmly established and that deep-down convictions are developed around these biblical truths.

Biblical Worldview is a serious call to shape the next generation s beliefs with the Bible. The aim of biblical worldview is embracing gospel truth for godly living. This book is a short introduction to biblical worldview and will equip you to help children develop a biblically-based view of life that will transform their homes, communities, and nations.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction to Biblical Worldview

  1. Why Worldview Matters

Six Reasons Every Child Needs a Biblical Worldview

  1. What is Biblical Worldview?

Worldview Is a Set of Beliefs about Life That Determines How We Live

  1. Who Shapes a Child’s Worldview?

Exploring the Five Greatest Influencers in the Life of a Child

Part 2: The Biblical Foundation: How to Help a Child Develop a Biblical Worldview

  1. Helping Children Develop a Love for the Bible

Beginning with a Strong Foundation

  1. Understanding the Authority of Scripture

Building a Case for the Trustworthiness of the Bible

  1. Trusting the Sufficiency of Scripture

Learning to Apply God’s Truth to Life

  1. Six Ways to Help Children Live According to the Bible

Training Children to Read and Study God’s Word

  1. How to Help a Child Develop a Biblical Worldview

Utilizing Colossians 2

Part 3: The Bible’s Big Story: How to Teach Biblical Worldview in Four Words

  1. Creation: Where Did the World Come From?

God Made the World Good

  1. Rebellion: What is Wrong in the World?

Sin Made the World Groan

  1. Salvation: What is the Answer for Sin?

Jesus Paid the Penalty for Sin

  1. Restoration: What Happens at the End of the Story?

God Will Make the World New


Appendix A: Twenty Resources to Develop a Biblical Worldview

What Others are Saying

“Dr. Josh Mulvihill has written a clear, powerful, truthful book that is critically important to internalize as you answer God’s call to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).”

David Wheaton | author and host, The Christian Worldview Radio Program

“God requires all parents to instill a biblical worldview in their children’s hearts and minds. Parents are in desperate need of resources to assist them in this monumental task. Dr. Josh Mulvihill provides parents, church leaders and educators with such a resource. This book will help readers understand the worldview battle that is raging for the hearts and minds of children and youth. However, it goes beyond merely identifying the problem and is an excellent primer to help those who teach children do so from a biblical worldview perspective. It is a must read for all Christians!”

Dr. Glen Shultz | author and Director, Kingdom Education Ministries

“Biblical Worldview: Life-Changing Truths for the Next Generation is a truth packed, Gospel rich, easy to read gift to parents, grandparents, pastors and teachers. Dr. Mulvihill has created an invaluable resource we all can use to disciple our children. Josh explains the importance of shaping our children’s worldview, motivated by grace, and provides the practical tools any parent or teacher can use to apply what they learned with their kids.”

Marty Machowski | pastor and author, Long Story Short and Old Story New.

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