Glimpses of God at Christmas

A Photo Scavenger Hunt Through Luke 2:1-20

“Glimpses of God at Christmas” is a Gospel centered, photo scavenger hunt celebrating 12 attributes of God found in Luke 2:1-20. Each of the 12 “Capture Cards” uses Scripture to tell the story of Jesus’ birth and the “Good News” of salvation found in Him.

Each “Capture Card” invites participants to:

  • Read a selection of Bible verses
  • Connect with the heart of God’s story
  • Color a descriptive word, or attribute, of God
  • Capture “Glimpses of God” in photos of people, places, or things that represent God’s attribute.

Glimpses of God at Christmas” is a wonderful way for grandparents to share the Gospel with their grandchildren – in a fun and unique way – during the Christmas season. And the interactive cards are a powerful tool whether your grandchildren live next door or miles away.

Consider some of these options for using the cards:

  • Spend a day with your grandchild completing the entire scavenger hunt at one time
  • Complete one “Capture Card” challenge each day for 12 days, in person or remotely
  • Begin on December 1st, read the “Capture Card” one day, then capture the attribute the next. Continue with this alternating pattern until Christmas.
  • Print out the entire set of cards and mail them to your grandchild.
  • Use email or text messaging to work through the challenge with your grandchild.

This interactive grandparent/grandchild adventure is designed to help all involved have fun together while discovering glimpses of God in the “Good News of great joy” we celebrate at Christmas.

How might you use them?